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2021 Awards

Bid # Bid Description Bid Status
Bid 17281 Vendor Service Contract for Collection and Recycle of Waste Oil Pending
Bid 17744 Vendor Contract Hose Bib Vacuum Breakers Pending
Bid 17856 Aluminum Light Poles Pending
Bid 17914 Vendor Service Contract for Ford Service Repairs Pending
Bid 17961 Vendor Contract for Brass Fittings and Miscellaneous Distribution Repair Items Pending
Bid 17966 Vendor Contract for Pipe Fittings Pending
Bid 17968 Vendor Contract for LED Light Fixtures Pending
Bid 17972 Vendor Contract for Stainless Steel Mechanical Joint Tapping Sleeves Pending
Bid 17983 Commodity Contract for Light Cables Pending