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Fire and Police Commission News 

Stop and Search Data Posted

Per the requirements in the settlement to Federal Case 17-CV-234-JPS the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission (FPC) is required to publish particular stop and search encounter data, on a quarterly basis, in compliance with Sec. IV(A)(10-13). Data is suitable for posting only after the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) gathered from each encounter has been removed. Due to ongoing technical issues, only a portion of the quarterly data is currently available in a form which excludes PII and that can be acceptably disseminated to the public. As technical challenges are solved the FPC anticipates that future data will allow for additional data elements to be included in the publicly posted data sets.

Posted data is available on the Milwaukee Open Data Portal

Crime and Justice Institute Annual Report

On July 23, 2018, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin entered an order adopting a Settlement Agreement among the parties to Charles Collins, et al. v. City of Milwaukee, et al. As part of that Settlement Agreement a Consultant must prepare an annual report that addresses the City’s compliance with the terms of the Settlement Agreement based on a review of MPD and FPC actions and an annual analysis of MPD data on traffic stops, field interviews, no-action encounters (NAE), searches, and frisks. After mutual agreement by the counsel for the Plaintiffs and the City, the Crime and Justice Institute (CJI) was contracted by the City to serve as the Consultant.

First Annual Report - September, 2019

Citizen Complaint Data Update

The Fire and Police Commission (FPC) has updated the posted citizen complaint dataset with second-quarter 2019 data.  In addition to the citizen complaint summaries already contained in FPC Annual Reports and Citizen Complaint Reports the FPC maintains this online dataset on the City of Milwaukee’s Open Data Portal detailing the complaints received by our office.  This data is updated quarterly.

FPC Releases 2018 Citizen Complaint Report

The FPC has released the 2018 Citizen Complaint Report detailing information related to citizen complaints received and investigated by the FPC, the Milwaukee Police Department, and the Milwaukee Fire Department during the year 2018.  

FPC Releases 2018 Use of Force Report

Steven G. Brandl, Ph.D. of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Department of Criminal Justice has completed his analysis of the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) uses of force for the year 2018.  This report is the latest report in a systematic examination of the MPD use of force that has been ongoing since 2009. 

Full Report

FPC Releases 2018 Vehicle Pursuit Report

The FPC has released the 2018 Vehicle Pursuit Report, detailing information related to vehicle pursuits engaged in by the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD).  The goal is to provide the public with an objective measure of the frequency and circumstance of vehicle pursuits engaged in by MPD officers.  This report is intended as a factual, informational, and unbiased tool for the public and policy makers to reference when examining this important topic.

FPC meeting agendas & minutes are now on Legistar

Beginning on March 21, 2019 all Fire and Police Commission agendas and minutes will be posted on Milwaukee's Legistar content management system.  Follow the link below: 

This is the common platform used by most other boards and committees in the City and County of Milwaukee.  The incorporation of Fire and Police Commission (FPC) meeting agendas and minutes into this platform will allow for easier access to find, in a single location, all records of the business of a wide variety of local governmental bodies and will archive videos of FPC meetings as well.  

All meeting materials prior to March 21, 2019 will continue to be maintained at FPC Meetings, as well as disciplinary appeal hearing notices and decisions.  

FPC launches Milwaukee Collaborative Reform Initiative (MKECR) Community Feedback Portal

As part of the recently announced Milwaukee Collaborative Reform Initiative (MKECR), the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission (FPC) is pleased to announce a new web portal to offer the residents of the City of Milwaukee an opportunity to read, review, learn about and comment on the findings and recommendations contained in the draft US Department of Justice (US DOJ) Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) assessment report. Please read our press release for more information. 

Visit the site

2017 Police Satisfaction Survey Released

The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission is pleased to announce the release of the 2017 City of Milwaukee Police Satisfaction Survey Findings Report. The survey was conducted and the report was authored by the Strategic Research Institute of St. Norbert College in partnership with Dr. Joseph Cera of Neighborhood Analytics, LLC. The work is a replication of a survey conducted by Dr. Cera in 2014 with the addition of 4 questions related to the 911 system. An overview of the report was presented to the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners at their regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, March 1st.  

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