2023 Awards

Bid # Bid Description Bid Status
Bid 19066 Vendor Contract for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Supplies Awarded to:
Life-Assist, Inc. (Rancho Cordova, CA)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 19153 Vendor Service Contract for Coverall, Shop-Coat, Uniform & Towel Rental Cancelled
Bid 19160 Commodity Contract for Ten (10) Sets of Body Armor Gear for Milwaukee Fire Department Tactical Team Pending
Bid 19172 Vendor Contract for Asphalt Patch Material Pending
RFP 19185 Vendor Service Contract for Fire Department Entry-Level and Promotional Selection Processes Awarded to:
National Testing Network, Inc. (Lynnwood, WA)
Highest Ranked Proposer
RFP 19198 Vendor Service Contract for Consultant Services to Assist the Community Collaborative Commission in Conducting a Community Survey Pending
Bid 19214 Vendor Contract for Electrical Supplies Cancelled
Bid 19215 Vendor Service Contract for HVAC Maintenance and Repair Services Pending
RFP 19243 Vendor Service Contract for Sale of 8,192 Sequential Internet Protocol version 4 (iPv4) Addresses Awarded to:
Kalorama Group, LLC (Washington, DC)
Highest Ranked Proposer
RFP 19246 Vendor Service Contract for Community Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Detection and Treatment Expansion Pending
Bid 19259 Vendor Contract for Heavy Duty Truck Parts Pending
Bid 19268 Rebid #1 Commodity Contract for Slimline Cabinet Materials Awarded to:
Hein Electric Supply Company (West Allis, WI)
Only Complying Bidder
RFP 19272 Vendor Service Contract for Cafeteria Services inside of Zeidler Municipal Building Pending
Bid 19280 Vendor Service Contract for Entrance Mats Pending
Bid 19313 Vendor Contract for Commercial Paint and Supplies

Awarded to:
The Sherwin-Williams Co. (Wauwatosa, WI)

Diamond Products Company, Inc. dba Diamond Vogel Paints (West Allis, WI)
Low Complying Bidders

Bid 19323 Vendor Contract for Hardware and Industrial Supplies Awarded to:
T&A Industrial, Ltd. dba T&A Industrial Distributors, Inc. (Brookfield, WI)
Only Complying Bidder and compliance with the 25% SBE Requirement
Bid 19324 Vendor Contract for Wiping Cloths Awarded to:
The Standard Companies (Chicago, IL)
Low Complying Bidder
RFP 19345 Vendor Service Contract for Certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) Technology and Integrated Practice Management System Pending
RFP 19352 Vendor Service Contract for Public Safety Radio System Upgrade Pending
Bid 19354 Vendor Contract for GETAC B360 Mobile Data Laptop Computers with Adapters Awarded to:
TKK Electronics, LLC (Milwaukee, WI)
Low Complying SBE/LBE Bidder and compliance with the 25% SBE Requirement
Bid 19360 Vendor Contract for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Awarded to:
Lone Star-Cardinal Motorcycle Ventures VIII, LLC dba Milwaukee Harley-Davidson (Milwaukee, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 19361 Commodity Contract for Harley-Davidson Pan American Motorcycles Awarded to:
Lone Star-Cardinal Motorcycle Ventures VIII, LLC dba Milwaukee Harley-Davidson (Milwaukee, WI)
LBE Bidder
Bid 19382 Vendor Contract for Firefighting Helmets (Cairns 880 and Cairns 1044) Awarded to:
MacQueen Equipment, LLC d/b/a MacQueen Emergency Group (Delafield, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 19384 Vendor Service Contract for Oil Change and Inspection Services

Awarded to:
Ivy Lane Corporation dba Valvoline Instant Oil Change (West Des Moines, IA)

Talon Veteran Services, Inc. dba FAR Group (Richmond, VA)
Low Complying Bidders

Bid 19391 Vendor Contract for Domestic Gray Iron Castings Awarded to:
Neenah Foundry Company (Neenah, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 19394 Vendor Service Contract for Car Upholstery Services Awarded to:
Courtney Pahlke dba Top Coverage, Ltd. (Oconomowoc, WI)
Low Complying SRC Bidder
Bid 19403 Vendor Contract for Industrial/Medical/Specialty Gases Awarded to:
Airgas, Inc. dba Airgas USA, LLC (West Allis, WI)
Only Bidder
Bid 19427 Vendor Service Contract for Industrial Vacuum (Hydrovac) Services for Solids Removal Pending
RFP 19428 ARP Vendor Service Contract for All-Electric, Affordable Net-Zero Energy Homes Project Pending
Bid 19443 ARP Commodity Contract for Gun Locks

Awarded to:
Express Waste Management, LLC (Waukesha, WI)

Itervention, LLC (Seattle, WA)
Low Complying Bidders

Bid 19445 ARP Commodity Contract for COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Gift Cards, Payment Cards, and Empowering Families of Milwaukee (EFM) Supplies and Grocery Cards Pending
Bid 19459 Vendor Service Contract for Armored Vehicle Transportation Pending
Bid 19471 Vendor Contract for Inverted Marking Paint Awarded to:
The Sherwin-Williams Co. (Milwaukee, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
RFP 19472 Vendor Service Contract for Background Checks Pending
Bid 19486 Vendor Contract for Liquid Oxygen Pending
Bid 19501 Commodity Contract for Black Aluminum Octafluted Poles Pending
Bid 19505 Vendor Contract for Drysuits with Surveyor Hood Pending
Bid 19511 Commodity Contract for Back to School Supply Kits Pending
RFP 19528 Vendor Service Contract for Sober Living Transitional Housing with Supportive Services Pending
Bid 19548 Vendor Contract for GETAC B360 Mobile Data Laptop Computers with Adapters Pending
RFP 19561 Vendor Service Contract for Republican National Convention (RNC) Police Officer Lodging Pending
Bid 19562 Vendor Contract for Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Antifreeze Pending
Bid 19568 Vendor Contract for Transformer Repairs Pending
Bid 19573 Vendor Contract for Finished Metal Housings Pending
Bid 19583 Vendor Service Contract for a Communications and Event Consultant for END OVERDOSE MKE Pending
Bid 19608 RNC Commodity Contract for Mobile Command Post Pending

Contract Opportunities

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