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2020 Awards

Bid # Bid Description Bid Status
RFI 16911 Doula Services Targeting Families in the 53206 Zip Code No Responses Received
RFP 16922 VSC City of Milwaukee Disparity Study Pending
Bid 16931 VC for Liquid Oxygen Pending
Bid 16956 Aluminum Poles Pending
Bid 16967 VC for Asphalt Patch Material Pending
Bid 16976 VC for Asphalt Hot Patch Material Pending
Bid 17073 Endress & Hauser PMD75 D.P. Transmitters Pending
Bid 17100 VSC Nuisance Abatement Services and Private Property Clean-ups Pending
Bid 17105 VSC for Dumpster Services and Construction Debris Removal Pending
Bid 17141 Stainless Steel Repair Clamps Awarded to:
ETNA Supply Company  (Milwaukee, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17148 VSC for Background Checks Pending
Bid 17149 VSC for Sketch Digitization Pending
Bid 17183 VC for Tree Whips Pending
Bid 17188 VSC for Official Advertising Awarded to:
Milwaukee Community Journal (Milwaukee, WI)
Only Bidder
Bid 17193 VC for Valve and Service Box Parts Pending
Bid 17206 VC for Expansion Joint Felt Pending
Bid 17234 VC for Topsoil Delivery Pending
Bid 17253 Air Lifting Bag Kit Pending
Bid 17263 VC for Bicycles Pending
Bid 17276 Commodity Contract for Pipe, Aluminum Pending
Bid 17283 Toxic Industrial Chemicals & Chemical Warfare Agents Handheld Detector Pending
Bid 17286 Command 4X4 SUV Pending
Bid 17289 Radiation Detectors Pending
Bid 17290 VC for Ranger Crew Utility Vehicles Pending
Bid 17294 VC for 2020 Super Duty XL Pickup Truck Pending
Bid 17305 Multi-Threat Ensemble Pending
Bid 17311 Water Filtration Devices Pending
Bid 17327 Hazmat In-Suit Communications Pending
Bid 17331 Electronic Personal Dosimeter Pending
Bid 17332 Bicycle Emergency Lights Pending
Bid 17329 Bicycle Helmets Pending
Bid 17330 Head Mounted Light & Helmet Mount Pending
Bid 17348 Ballistic Helmet and Face Shield Pending
Bid 17351 Computer Tablets Pending