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2020 Awards

Bid # Bid Description Bid Status
Bid 16887 Vendor Contract for Auto Fire Training Simulator Pending
RFI 16911 Doula Services Targeting Families in the 53206 Zip Code No Responses Received
RFP 16922 VSC City of Milwaukee Disparity Study Pending
Bid 16931 VC for Liquid Oxygen Pending
Bid 16956 Aluminum Poles Pending
RFP 16966 Vendor Service Contract for CAD/Mobile/BI Solutions Pending
Bid 16967 VC for Asphalt Patch Material Pending
Bid 16976 VC for Asphalt Hot Patch Material Pending
Bid 17073 Endress & Hauser PMD75 D.P. Transmitters Awarded to:
Revere Electric Supply  (Hartland, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
RFP 17078 Converged System Information Management Software Awarded to:
Brite Computers (Victor, NY)
Highest Ranked Proposer
Bid 17098 Concrete Saw Pending
Bid 17100 VSC Nuisance Abatement Services and Private Property Clean-ups Pending
Bid 17105 VSC for Dumpster Services and Construction Debris Removal Pending
Bid 17141 Stainless Steel Repair Clamps Awarded to:
ETNA Supply Company  (Milwaukee, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17148 VSC for Background Checks Pending
Bid 17149 VSC for Sketch Digitization Pending
Bid 17153 VC Concrete Traffic Poles Pending
Bid 17173 Aluminum Light Poles Pending
Bid 17183 VC for Tree Whips Pending
Bid 17188 VSC for Official Advertising Awarded to:
Milwaukee Community Journal (Milwaukee, WI)
Only Bidder
Bid 17191 Vendor Contract for Gate and Tapping Valves Pending
Bid 17193 VC for Valve and Service Box Parts Pending
Bid 17206 VC for Expansion Joint Felt Pending
Bid 17233 City-Wide Vendor Contract for Diesel Fuel To be rebid
Bid 17233 Rebid #1 City-Wide Vendor Contract for Diesel Fuel Pending
Bid 17234 VC for Topsoil Delivery Awarded to:
Ray Hintz, Inc.  (Caledonai, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17253 Air Lifting Bag Kit Pending
Bid 17256 Extrication Equipment Pending
Bid 17263 VC for Bicycles Pending
Bid 17264 Vendor Contract for Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Pending
Bid 17266 Patrol Boat Pending
Bid 17268 Vendor Service Contract Upgrade Mobile Command Post Awarded to:
LDV, Inc.  (Burlington, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17269 Vendor Contract for Vehicle Upfitting Equipment Pending
Bid 17270 Vendor Service Contract for Vehicle Upfitting Services Pending
Bid 17276 Pipe, Aluminum Pending
Bid 17283 Toxic Industrial Chemicals & Chemical Warfare Agents Handheld Detector Pending
Bid 17284 Stake Truck with Lift Gate Pending
Bid 17285 Passenger Vans and Transit Wagons Pending
Bid 17286 Command 4X4 SUV Pending
Bid 17287 Rae Meters & Bioharness Pending
Bid 17289 Radiation Detectors Pending
Bid 17290 VC for Ranger Crew Utility Vehicles To be re-bid
Bid 17290 Rebid #1 Ranger Crew Utility Vehicles Awarded to:
Polaris Sales Inc.  (Medina, MN)
Only Bidder
Bid 17294 VC for 2020 Super Duty XL Pickup Truck Pending
Bid 17296 Vendor Contract for Octafluted Steel Poles To be rebid
Bid 17296 Rebid #1 Vendor Contract for Octafluted Steel Poles Pending
Bid 17298 Critical Response Vehicles Awarded to:
Reliant Fire Apparatus, Inc.  (Slinger, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17300 Vendor Contract for Phosphoric Acid Pending
Bid 17305 Multi-Threat Ensemble Pending
Bid 17308 4X4 Pickup Trucks Awarded to:
Ewald's Hartford Ford, LLC  (Hartford, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17309 Utility Vehicles Pending
Bid 17310 Vendor Contract for Precast Concrete Items Pending
Bid 17311 Water Filtration Devices Pending
Bid 17327 Hazmat In-Suit Communications Pending
Bid 17328 Vendor Contract for Aluminum Pipe Pending
Bid 17331 Electronic Personal Dosimeter Pending
Bid 17332 Bicycle Emergency Lights Awarded to:
TKK Electronics, LLC  (Milwaukee, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17329 Bicycle Helmets Pending
Bid 17330 Head Mounted Light & Helmet Mount Pending
Bid 17339 DNC Munitions Pending
Bid 17340 Mobile Sky Watch Trailer Awarded to:
The Armored Group, LLC  (Phoenix, AZ)
Low Complying Bidder
RFP 17341 Vendor Service Contract for Public Safety Pole Cameras Awarded to:
CelPlan Technologies (Reston, VA)
Highest Ranked Proposer
Bid 17345 DNC Meal, Beverages, and Food Service for the Democratic National Convention Pending
Bid 17346 Police Motorcycles Pending
Bid 17347 DNC Air Purifying Respirator Equipment Awarded to:
Streicher's, Inc.  (Plymouth, MN)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17348 Ballistic Helmet and Face Shield Pending
Bid 17351 Computer Tablets Pending
Bid 17354 VC for Handheld Radios To be rebid
Bid 17354 Rebid #1 DNC Handheld Radios Pending
Bid 17355 Non-Motorized Treadmill Awarded to:
Woodway USA, Inc.  (Waukesh, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17356 Portable Privacy Rehab Tents Pending
Bid 17360 Street Lighting Cable Pending
Bid 17363 DNC Marine Navigation & Communications Package Pending
Bid 17364 EOD Tool Kits To be rebid
Bid 17364 Rebid #1 DNC EOD Tool Kits Pending
Bid 17365 Long Range Acoustic Device Pending
Bid 17366 Traffic Barrrier/Trailer Assembly Kit Awarded to:
Meridian Rapid Defense Group, LLC  (Pasadena, CA)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17367 Vendor Contract for Harp Fixtures Pending
Bid 17368 Motorcycle Trailers Pending
Bid 17369 DNC Tactical Gas Delivery System Awarded to:
J&N Tactical, LLC  (South Haven, MN)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17371 Respirator Tester Pending
Bid 17372 Full Facepiece Air Purifying Respirator w/CBRN Cartridges Pending
Bid 17373 DNC Vendor Service Contract for Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Upgrades Pending
Bid 17374 Powered Air Purifying Respirator w/CBRN Cartridges Pending
Bid 17375 Vendor Contract for Valve Box Adapter Pending
Bid 17378 Motorcycle Helmet Communications Assembly Pending
Bid 17382 Bicycle Bags Awarded to:
Botach, Inc.  (Las Vegas, NV)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17383 Remote Speaker Microphones for SONIM XP8 Phones w/BEON Pending
Bid 17384 Remote Firing Device Control Kit Pending
RFP 17385 VSC Fleet Scheduling System Pending
Bid 17387 DNC Traffic Vests Pending
Bid 17389 Laptop Computer Pending
Bid 17391 Security Identification Pins Pending
Bid 17393 Shin Guards Awarded to:
Botach, Inc. (Las Vegas, NV)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17394 DNC Upper Body Protectors Pending
Bid 17395 DNC Digital Programmable Sign Board Pending
Bid 17396 Motorcycle Helmets Pending
Bid 17397 DNC Air Purifying Respirator Field Kit Pending
Bid 17398 Hard Shell Forearm/Elbow Protectors Awarded to:
Streicher's, Inc. (Butler, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17400 DNC Pepper Spray Pending
Bid 17401 DNC Combat Trauma System - Medical Bags Pending
Bid 17404 Video Wall TVs Pending
Bid 17405 Night Vision Goggles with Kit Pending
Bid 17406 DNC Tactical Ballistic Vest with Tactical Pouches Pending
Bid 17407 Communication Headset with Rail Adapters Pending
Bid 17409 DNC Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Assembly Pending
Bid 17412 Multi-Threat Suit Pending
Bid 17421 Tactical Equipment Truck Pending
Bid 17422 Ice, Ice Trailer Box & Ice Box Rental Pending
Bid 17425 DNC Nourishment (Beef Jerky) Snack Pending
Bid 17426 DNC Hydration Drinks (Water) Awarded to:
Timothy S. Cronce D/B/A Cronce Precision, LLC  (South Milwaukee, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17427 DNC Nourishment (Trail Mix) Snack Pending
Bid 17428 DNC Hydration Drinks (Flavored) Pending
Bid 17440 Patrol Boat Collar Replacement Pending
Bid 17441 Auto Inflating Air Sponson Pending
Bid 17444 Desktop Computer Monitors Pending
Bid 17446 Tactical Backpack/Tactical Gear Pending
Bid 17447 Riot Shields Pending
Bid 17448 Rifle Shields with ID-Police Placards Pending
Bid 17452 Vendor Service Contract for E-Payment Services Pending
Bid 17463 Protective Suit Pending
Bid 17465 Tactical Headset Communication Assembly Pending
Bid 17474 Fire Hoses Pending
Bid 17477 Fire Tools Pending
Bid 17493 Golf Cart Rental Awarded to:
Above Par Golf Cars, LLC  (New Berlin, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17494 Mobile Software Communication Licenses Awarded to:
L3Harris Technologies, Inc.  (Lynchburg, VA)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 17512 Vendor Contract for Slurry Mix Pending
Bid 17514 Vendor Contract for Liquid Calcium Thiosulfate (CaS2O3) Pending
Bid 17520 Rescue Team Equipment Pending
Bid 17524 Vendor Service Contract for Tire Retreading and Repair Services Pending
Bid 17551 Vendor Service Contract for Concrete and Asphalt Disposal Pending
Bid 17552 Vendor Contract for Ready Mix Concrete Pending
Bid 17553 VSC Rubrik Software Lease Pending
Bid 17560 Vendor Contract for Cold Water Fire Service Meters Pending
Bid 17577 PPE Masks and Face Masks Cancelled
Bid 17584 Vendor Contract for Finished Metal Housing Pending
Bid 17599 DNC Vendor Contract for Universal Helmet Mounts Pending
Bid 17600 DNC Rental of Mobile Vehicle Barriers Pending
Bid 17601 DNC Concrete Jersey Barriers Rental Pending
Bid 17603 DNC Barricade Security Fencing Rental Pending
Bid 17611 DNC Vendor Service Contract for Coach Bus Rental  Pending
Bid 17612 DNC Vehicle and Van Rental (Short Term) Pending
Bid 17624 Vendor Service Contract for Essential/Emergency HVAC Services To be rebid
Bid 17624 Rebid #1 Vendor Service Contract for Essential/Emergency HVAC Services Pending
Bid 17640 DNC Protective Jackets Pending
Bid 17655 DNC Self-Service Non-Contact Temperature Kiosk Pending
RFP 17662 Vendor Service Contract for Electronic Plan Review Software Pending
Bid 17676 Vendor Contract for Ion Chromatograph Pending
Bid 17689 Vendor Contract Streetscape Materials Pending
Bid 17694 Vendor Contract for Lanterns and Lantern Brackets Pending
Bid 17766 Postage Meter Lease Cancelled