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Are you prepared to vote in the November 6th General Election?

►Are you registered to vote with your current address and name?
      Confirm your registration or register here
►If you plan to register to vote on Election Day, do you have proof of residence?
      Check the list here
►Would you like to vote before the election at an early voting site?
      View the schedule here
►Or would you like us to send you an absentee ballot in the mail?
      Submit your request here
►Do you know your voting site and your ward number?
      Find out here
►Have you previewed your ballot so you know the contests and candidates?
     Take a look here
►Do you have a photo ID that meets the photo ID requirement?
     Verify your ID here

        ¿Está preparado para votar en la elección general el 6 de noviembre?

►¿Está inscrito a votar con su dirección y nombre actual?
       Verifique su inscripción o inscríbase aquí
►Si piensa inscribirse el día de la elección, tiene un comprobante de domicilio?
       Revise la lista aquí
►¿Quisiera votar antes de la elección en un sitio del voto anticipado?
       Vea el horario
►¿O prefiere que le mandemos una papeleta ausente por correo?
       Llene la solicitud aquí
►¿Sabe dónde es su lugar de votación y el número de su precinto?
       Descúbralo aquí
►¿Ha revisado su papeleta para que conozca las contiendas y candidatos?
        Véala aquí
►¿Tiene una identificación con foto aceptable?
       Verifique su ID aquí



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Poll Workers Needed Sign

Election Workers

The City of Milwaukee Election Commission is looking for hardworking citizens to work at the polls. Start the process of fulfilling this civic duty today by completing our online Election Inspector application.

An icon indicating voters to "vote here"

Where Do I Vote / What's On My Ballot?

Enter your address to find your Election Day polling location and view your sample ballot and elected officials.

An icon that reads "upcoming election dates"

Upcoming Elections

Get voter registration deadlines and absentee voting dates for upcoming elections:

Fall General - November 6, 2018

An icon that reads "how to run for public office"

Run for Public Office

Have you ever thought about running for office and wondered exactly what it takes to get your name on the ballot? Find out here!

An image of the International Symbol of Accessibility

Voter Accessibility

The City of Milwaukee Election Commission encourages persons with disabilities to vote. If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about the physical access to your polling place, please call 414-286-3491 in advance of or on Election Day.

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Contact Us

City Hall
200 East Wells Street
Room 501
Milwaukee, WI 53202 


Department Head Photo  

Executive Director

Neil V. Albrecht
Phone: 414-286-3491
Fax: 414-286-8445

Deputy Director

Theresa R. Gabriel



Stephanie D. Findley, Chair

Carmen C. Cabrera

Robert F. Spindell, Jr.

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