Answers to FAQ's about Milwaukee

1. What is the population of Milwaukee?

2000 Census: 596,974
2006 Census Bureau Estimate: 602,782
2007 Census Bureau Estimate: 602,191
2008 Census Bureau Estimate: 604,477
2009 Census Bureau Estimate: 605,013
2010 Census Bureau Estimate: 594,833
Source: U.S. Census Bureau

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2. Where do I locate my Census tract?

Use the My Milwaukee Home address search to enter your address and click the "submit address" button. Census tract and block numbers are under the "My Property Information" heading.

3. When did Milwaukee become a city?

The City Charter was adopted January 31, 1846

4. Who was the first mayor?

Solomon Juneau

5. What is the area of the City of Milwaukee?

96.1 square miles

6. How many miles of streets does Milwaukee have?

According to the Milwaukee Department of Public Works, the city has 1,424 miles of paved streets.

7. What is Milwaukee's elevation?

614 feet, according to the U.S. Geological Survey

8. How many miles of shoreline does Milwaukee have?

The city has approximately 10.2 miles of lakefront shoreline. The Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office says shoreline measurements can vary significantly depending on the data used to make the calculation.

9. What is the official newspaper of Milwaukee?

The Daily Reporter
225 E. Michigan St., Suite 540, Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 276-0273 or 1-800-508-3800
FAX: (414) 276-8057

10. Does the City of Milwaukee have a sister city?

Yes, the City of Milwaukee has eight sister cities.
Read more about Milwaukee's sister cities here.

11. How do I find a court case against the city?

City Attorneys Office: Docket Clerk: 286-2651
You will need the case docket number or the complainant's name.

12. Where can I find posters of Milwaukee neighborhoods?

Department of City Development: 286-5701
To view posters online go to

13. Who is my alderman? Who is my County Supervisor (City of Milwaukee residents only)? Who are my State Legislators? Who are my Federal Legislators?

Use the My Milwaukee Home address search to enter your address and click the "submit address" button. Then scroll to "Elected Officials" and click to open the tab.

14. Where can I find information on the cost of living in Milwaukee?

Consumer Price Index Home Page

15. Where can I look up the current unemployment rate for Milwaukee?

WI Labor Market Information Data Access
(State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development)

16. Where can I find the city's organizational chart?

The current chart is here. It is published every year within the Adopted Plan and Budget Summary. Budget documents are available for a number of years on the Budget Office's web pages (under the Dept. of Administration):

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