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Parking Services

Parking Bike and Jeep

In order to best serve the citizens, businesses, and visitors of the City of Milwaukee, Parking Services is a strong proponent of education to help the community comply with parking rules and regulations.  Sound parking enforcement is vital to enable the City to maximize use of the existing parking supply and ensure that the use of the street is used for the greatest benefit of all residents, businesses, and visitors.  

Businesses depend on convenient street parking near their business for customers. Parking enforcement encourages turnover and increases the availability for parking in high demand areas.  If a business is on a street with only 10 parking spaces- and the same cars are parked there all day, every day.  The business will no doubt lose customers.  

Residents also depend on convenient parking.  Time restricted parking along with a resident permit program and the night parking program makes this possible, balancing parking with the need to have safe and clean streets. 

Parking Enforcement issues citations to vehicles parked illegally; such as no parking zones, fire lane violations, double parking, disabled parking, loading-zone violations, expired time zones, expired parking meters, night parking, DPW Snow Operation, etc...

Parking Services is working to provide convenience to residents and visitors by updating parking meter technology and payment options, providing affordable short-term and long-term parking in structures, lots, and streets and administer payment options to ensure vehicle owners can recover vehicles in a timely manner.  


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