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Apparel Affidavits for Awarded Bids

The following bids required the submission of an apparel affidavit.  Click on the links in the "Bid #" column to view the attachments.


Bid 1132 Vendor Contract for Gloves Safety Supply, Illinois
Bid 1155

Attachment A
Attachment B
Attachment C
Attachment D
Attachment E
Attachment F
Attachment G
Vendor Contract for Uniforms Goldfish Uniforms, Milwaukee WI
Bid 1209 Vendor Contract for School Crossing Guard Coats Outdoor Outfits, Toronto ON
Bid 1259-A
Bid 1259-B
Bid 1259-C
Bid 1259-D
Police Uniforms Line 1 - Badge Uniforms
Line 2 - Goldfish Uniforms
Spiewak & Sons, Inc.
Blauer Mfg Co. Inc.
Bid 1364 Vendor Contract for Soft Body Armor  Streicher's, Butler WI
Bid 1529

Attachment A
Attachment B
Attachment C
Attachment D
Vendor Contract for Shirts - DNS Goldfish Uniforms
Milwaukee, WI
Bid 1544

Attachment A - Group A & B
Attachment B - Group C
Attachment C - Group D
Attachment D - Group E & F
Vendor Contract for Firefighting Clothing 5 Alarm Fire & Safety (Group A & B - Coats & Pants)
Paul Conway Shields (Group C - Boots)
5 Alarm Fire & Safety (Group D - Helmets)
Bendlin Fire Equipment (Group E & F - Gloves & Hoods)
Bid 1566 Bomb Disposal Suit with Accessories Med-Eng Systems
Ontario, Canada
Bid 1577 Vendor Contract for Duty Belts Ray O'Herron Co.
Bid 1583 Vendor Contract for Uniform Caps Keystone Uniform Cap
Bid 1641 Vendor Contract for Rental of Entrance Mats Industrial Towel and Uniform
Bid 1644 Vendor Contract for 3 Season Jacket Ray O'Herron Co.
RFP 1649 Vendor Service Contract for Inspection, Cleaning & Repair of Fire Fighting Turnout Gear National Safety Clean, Inc.
Bid 1726 Dry Suites & Accessories Lake County Drivers Supply Inc.
Bid 1826 Civil-Disturbance Equipment Galls Inc.
Bid 1905 Undergarments for Dry
Lake County Divers Supply Inc.
Bid 1956 Tactical Body Armor Streicher's Police Equipment
Bid 1986 Vendor Contract for Wiping Cloths CTC Supplies
Attachment A - Goldfish Uniforms
Attachment B - Midway Cap
Attachment C - Elbeco Inc.
Attachment D - Fechheimer Brothers Co.
Attachment E - Williamson-Dickie Mfg Co.
Attachment F - Waiver
Work Clothes-Fire Dept. Recruit Class Goldfish Uniforms
REQ 7798 Chemical Protective Encapsulated Suits and Boots Aramsco
Bid 2000 - Rebid #1

Attachment A
Attachment B
Attachment C
Attachment D
Attachment E
Vendor Contract for Parking Checker Uniforms & Rainwear Goldfish Uniforms
Bid 2016 Vendor Contract for Fire Fighter Work Clothing Goldfish Uniforms
ReBid 2051

Attachment A
Attachment B
Chemical Protective Overgarments Global Protection
Bid 2060 Vendor Contract for Coverall, Uniform and Towel Rental ALSCO
Bid 2074 Protective Outerwear Paul Conway Shields
Bid 2091 Vendor Contract for Firefighter Coats, Pants, and Helmets 5 Alarm Fire & Safety LLC
Bid 2091 Vendor Contract for Firefighter Hoods Morning Pride MFG DBA Total Fire Group
Bid 2121 Vendor Contract for Caps, Summer, Police Goldfish Uniforms
Bid 2146 Vendor Service Contract for Rental of Entrance Mats ITU, Inc. (Industrial Towel & Uniform, Inc.)
Bid 2158
Affidavit Updated 2/23/2013
Vendor Contract for Gloves - Firefighter 5 Alarm Fire & Safety LLC
Bid 2269 Rebid Vendor Contract for Shirts Goldfish Uniforms
Bid 2269 Rebid Vendor Contract for Shirts Hartwell Industries, Inc.
Bid 2291
Affidavit Updated 5/2/2013
Affidavit Updated 3/26/2014
Vendor Contract for Police Uniforms Badger Uniform Division of Red The Uniform Tailor
Bid 2396 Rebid Vendor Contract for Firefighter Boots Paul Conway Shields
Bid 2397 Vendor Service Contract for Inspection, Cleaning, Decontamination & Repair of Firefighter Clothing Gear Wash, LLC
Bid 2513 Vendor Contract for Tech Rescue Gear Paul Conway Shields
Bid 2562 Vendor Contract for Soft Body Armor Systems Streicher's, Inc.
Affidavit Updated 5/6/2013
Affidavit Updated 5/14/2014
Affidavit Updated 3/10/2016
Vendor Contract for Firefighter Turnout Gear Paul Conway Shields

Bid 10558

Affidavit Updated 4/12/2016

Vendor Contract for Water Department Uniforms Goldfish Uniforms
Bid 10666 Vendor Contract for Wiping Cloths Right Choice Janitorial Supply, LLC
Bid 11849 Vendor Contract for Parking Checker Enforcement Uniforms Goldfish Uniforms
Bid 12128 Rebid Vendor Contract for Coverall, Shopcoat, Uniform, and Towel Rental ALSCO
Bid 12238 Vendor Contract for Uniforms for Sworn Fire Department Employees Paul Conway Shields
Bid 12763 Protective Gauntlet-Style Gloves for Structural Firefighting Paul Conway Shields
Bid 12930
Affidavit Updated 12/21/2015
Fire Fighter Boots W.S. Darley & Company
Bid 13086 Fourth Element Arctic Thermal Underwear Underwater Connection
Bid 13528 Police Uniforms Lark Uniform Company
Bid 14271 Vendor Contract for Safety Supplies Best Ed, LLC
Bid 14714 Ten (10) Contaminated Water Dry-Suits American Diving Supply, LLC
Bid 14751 Rebid #1 Protective Firefighter Hoods W.S. Darley & Company
Bid 15643 Vendor Contract for Protective Gauntlet-Style Gloves for Structural Firefighting Jefferson Fire & Safety, Inc. (Middleton, WI)
Bid 16360 Vendor Contract for Police Uniforms Streicher's, Inc. (Plymouth, MN)
Bid 17329 Vendor Contract for Bicycle Helmets Bicycle Patrol Outfitters, LLC (Fullerton, CA)


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