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Bid Tabulations & Awards

2024 Awards

Bid # Bid Description Bid Status
Bid 19280 Rebid #2 Vendor Service Contract for Entrance Mats Pending
Bid 19608 Rebid #1 RNC Commodity Contract for Mobile Command Post Awarded to:
LDV, Inc. (Burlington, WI)
Only Bidder
Bid 19965 Vendor Service Contract for Transportation of Voting Machines and Other Election Equipment Pending
Bid 20008 Vendor Service Contract for Furnishing and Installation of Valve Actuators Pending
Bid 20045 Vendor Contract for Parker Hydraulic Fittings and Hoses Pending
Bid 20050 Vendor Contract for Copper Tubing Pending
Bid 20056 Commodity Contract for Four (4) Truck Utility Bodies Pending
Bid 20059 Vendor Contract for Vaccines Pending
Bid 20064 Vendor Service Contract for Spring, Suspension and Related Repair Services Awarded to:
Babcock Automobile Spring Company dba Babcock Spring Company (Milwaukee, WI)
Only Bidder
Bid 20065 Vendor Contract for Duct, PVC, 3-in., HDPE, Direct Burial, Smooth Out Ribbed In, Continuous Pending
RFP 20070 RNC Vendor Service Contract for Operations Center Awarded to:
Future1, LLC (Pewaukee, WI)
Highest Ranked Proposer
Bid 20096 Vendor Contract for Diesel Fuel Pending
Bid 20127 Republican National Convention (RNC) Commodity Contract for Bicycle Helmets Pending
Bid 20130 Republican National Convention (RNC) Vendor Contract for Two (2) Hydraulic Door Breaching Tools Pending
Bid 20133 Vendor Contract for Harp Light Fixtures Pending
Bid 20161 Vendor Contract for Brass Fittings and Miscellaneous Distribution Repair Items Pending
Bid 20165 Vendor Contract for Type M Cement Mortar Pending
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