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Unified Call Center

From potholes, abandoned vehicles, high weeds on vacant lots, and curbside trash to faulty traffic signals, the City of Milwaukee's Unified Call Center (UCC) makes it easy to submit service requests to solve problems. The UCC also allows you to track your service requests. Each time you complete a service request online, you will be assigned a tracking number that you can use to see when a City of Milwaukee representative expects to investigate or take care of your request.

(414) 286-CITY (2489)

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MKE Mobile Application


Call (414) 286-CITY (2489)

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MKE Mobile Application

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Click for Action Update

Click4Action is getting a REFRESH soon! A new, more friendly, and easy-to-update interface arrives inside Click4Action soon. With season and service changes, the categories in the home screen can be updated quickly to connect users with key services and information – fast and easy! 

New Click for Action interface

Find IconUsers can find request and complaint types via keyword search – no more hunting through menus! List iconUsers can easily see lists of their own pending requests or all pending requests for an area!
Mapped requests iconIt’s easy for users to see requests already entered mapped to a location or area – so users will know if a problem has already been reported! Add picture iconUsers can quickly add pictures to requests to ensure accurate and correct service response!


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