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Welcome to the Milwaukee Water Works 

Our Customer Service Center is closed to walk-in service at the Zeidler Municipal Services Building, 841 N. Broadway.

Customers should use other methods of payment or call us at (414) 286-2830 if they cannot pay with check, online at, or by phone. Also, we have suspended the scheduling of meter-related appointments unless one is necessary to restore water service.

The following options are always available for most account needs:
Call (414) 286-2830 for our automated payment service or to talk with a Customer Service Representative, Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Email us at

While here on our website,, Select Account Information and Customer Service and How to Pay your Bill

Milwaukee Water Works never disconnects water service because of unpaid bills.

Milwaukee drinking water is safe.

Milwaukee has long treated our water with ozone and chlorine disinfection, and filtration. The World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, and EPA confirm these conventional water treatment methods should remove or inactivate COVID-19.


Safe, healthy tap water is available at a much lower cost than bottled water.

Milwaukee Water Works’ essential function is to provide safe water for daily needs and fire protection. Our emergency planning ensures we have enough trained staff to keep the water running, even in times of widespread illness.

COVID-19 is an acute respiratory disease that is transmitted two ways: respiratory and contact. Customers should follow public health recommendations for common sense health safety tips.

For more information on the safety of your tap water, here are links to the World Health Organization, EPA, Centers for Disease Control, and the American Water Works Association.

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Lead and Water


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Diagram of Water Main and Service Line 

Lead and Water

Informaciόn sobre el plomo y la seguridad del agua potable

Milwaukee water and water mains do not contain lead. But lead can dissolve from lead service lines and plumbing. Search our records to see if a property has a lead service line.

South Hawley Road Main Break 

South Hawley Road Main Break

The break of a 16-inch water main in South Hawley Road December 28, 2019 led to flooding of the street and parts of the adjacent neighborhood.

Water Main Replacement Projects 

Water Main Replacement Projects

Our main replacement program replaces aging, critical infrastructure with new mains that provide reliable service and water pressure, and high quality water. There is no special assessment or added cost to taxpayers because the projects are paid for by the utility’s capital improvements budget, which is funded with revenues from water rates.

Winter in Milwaukee 

Winter in Milwaukee

Don't let your water pipes and meter freeze. Is it ice cold in your basement or crawl space?

Frozen pipes and a frozen water meter stop water from flowing and are expensive to repair or replace. Find suggestions for thawing frozen pipes, in English en español, and see step by step.

Milwaukee Water Works



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Customer Service Center

Zeidler Municipal Building
841 N. Broadway, Room 406
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Open Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 3268, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3268


 (414) 286-2830

24-Hour Control Center  

 (414) 286-3710


 (414) 286-8801


 (414) 286-5452

Email (non-emergency)


Milwaukee Health Department Superintendent Karen Dettmer  


Karen Dettmer, P.E.



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