Socially-Responsible Contractors (SRC) Program

Effective December 12, 2018, the City of Milwaukee adopted (09/25/2018) the Socially-Responsible Contractors Ordinance 310-10 (published: 10/11/2018) that supports a bid scoring system that awards additional points to socially-responsible contractors who make efforts to eliminate, or significantly reduce, barriers to employment. To this end, all contracting agencies shall apply an award standard in all formal competitive bids/RFPS ($50K or more) so that an otherwise responsive and responsible bidder which is an SRC shall be awarded the contract, provided that its bid does not exceed the lowest bid by more than 5% or $25,000. An additional number of points, equal to 5% of the maximum number of points used in the evaluation of Request for Proposals (RFPs), shall be applied to increase the total score attained by a socially-responsible contractor. The purpose of this ordinance is to ensure contributions toward community betterment made by socially-responsible contractors are recognized and rewarded.

In order for a bid to be considered for  status, the notarized SRC Affidavit of Compliance must be submitted with each bid.



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