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Socially-Responsible Contractors (SRC) Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of bids are affected by this ordinance?

All formal competitive bids and request for proposals (RFPs) purchases over $50,000.

Do I have to submit the Affidavit of Compliance with each bid?


How do I register for the program? Is there a vendor registration list?

There is no registration list.  Bidders who seek to qualify for the SRC bid incentive must submit the “Socially-Responsible Contractors (SRC) Affidavit of Compliance” form with their bid or proposal every time they submit a bid or proposal.

For companies that qualify, does the 5% bid incentive come off the top of their bid price?

Yes.  It is based on the base bid price and subject to the $25,000 fiscal cap.

If my company is registered as an SBE with the City of Milwaukee, does that mean I am automatically registered for this program?

No, there is no registration list.  All prime bidders (including all SBE prime bidders) who are seeking to qualify for the SRC bid incentive must submit the "Socially-Responsible Contractors (SRC) Affidavit of Compliance" form with their bid or proposal every time they submit a bid or proposal.

If I submit an affidavit for the SRC bid incentive as well as the “Affidavit of Compliance for City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, or American-Made Goods”, and/or the “Local Business Enterprise (LBE) Affidavit of Compliance” will I be considered for a contract award under all three programs?

 No. Any bidder proposing to supply goods under Ordinance 310-10, and who demonstrates entitlement to the preference provided by that ordinance, shall not also receive the benefit of the bid award provided under the Local Business Enterprise program in Section 365-7-1. A bidder may apply for both preferences, but will first be considered for entitlement to the preference provided under Ordinance 365-7-1, and if for some reason is found to not be entitled to that preference, the bidder will then be evaluated for entitlement to the Buy American in Section 310-18-9. 

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