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Public Safety Survey Results Ready for Viewing 

Results of the fall 2016 public safety survey created by Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton, Alderman Bob Donovan and the Common Council are now available here for public viewing. More than 1,600 individuals from across all parts of the City of Milwaukee filled out the survey, providing valuable feedback and information that can help shape the future of public safety policy in the city. 



Fifteen elected members comprise the Common Council in Milwaukee. Each Council member is elected to a 4-year term and represents a district of about 40,185 persons (U.S. Census Bureau estimate, 2006). Click here to locate your district and polling place.

Common Council Member Ashanti Hamilton 1st District

Ashanti Hamilton
1st District

Common Council Member Cavalier Johnson 2nd District

Cavalier Johnson
Common Council President
2nd District

Common Council Member Nicholas Kovac 3rd District

Nicholas Kovac
3rd District

Common Council Member Robert Bauman 4th District

Robert Bauman
4th District

Common Council Member Nikiya Dodd  5th District

Nikiya Dodd
5th District

Common Council Member Milele A. Coggs 6th District

Milele A. Coggs
6th District

Common Council Member Khalif J. Rainey 7th District

Khalif J. Rainey
7th District

Common Council Member JoCasta Zamarripa 8th District

JoCasta Zamarripa
8th District

Common Council Member Chantia Lewis 9th District

Chantia Lewis
9th District

Common Council Member Michael J. Murphy 10th District

Michael J. Murphy
10th District 

Common Council Member Mark A. Borkowski 11th District

Mark A. Borkowski
11th District

Common Council Member José G. Pérez 12th District

José G. Pérez
12th District

Common Council Member Scott Spiker 13th District

Scott Spiker 
13th District

Common Council Member Marina Dimitrijevic 14th District

Marina Dimitrijevic
14th District

 Common Council Member Russell W. Stamper, II 15th District

Russell W. Stamper, II
15th District

Click your district on the map to access your Common Council member's page.
OR click here to locate your district and polling place.

Milwaukee Aldermanic Districts Map

9th District Alderman Puente Milwaukee Aldermanic District Map 5th District Alderman Bohl Milwaukee Aldermanic District 2nd District Alderman Davis 1st District Alderman Hamilton 7th District Alderman Wade 6th District Alderwoman Coggs 3rd District Alderman Kovac 10th District Alderman Murphy 15th District Alderman Hines 4th District Alderman Bauman 8th District Alderman Donovan 12th District Alderman Perez 11th District Alderman Dudzik 14th District Alderman Zielinski 13th District Alderman Witkowski

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Common Council

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