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2019 Awards

RFP 15653 VSC for City-Wide Information Technology (IT) Scan, Penetration Test, and Report Awarded to:
SeNet International Corporation  (Fairfax, VA)
Highest Ranked Proposer
RFP 15819 Vendor Service Contract for Interpretation and Transportation Services Awarded to:
Ragir Consulting, LLC  (Milwaukee, WI)
Highest Ranked Proposer
Bid 15890 Vendor Service Contract for City-Servers and Storage Systems Awarded to:
The Remi Group (Charlotte, NC)
Low Complying Bidder
RFP 16125 Vendor Service Contract for Records Management System Awarded to:
O'Neal Software, Inc. (Tampa, FL)
Highest Ranked Proposer
Bid 16158 Rebid #1 VSC for Landscaping Services Awarded to:
Rodriguez Landscape Company, Inc.  (Milwaukee, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 16193 Rebid #1 VSC for Coverall, Shopcoat, Uniform, and Towel Rental Pending
RFP 16199 Vendor Service Contract for the Review and Follow-up of Prior Audits of the City of Milwaukee Health Department's (MHD) Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program Awarded to:
Public Health Foundation (Washington, DC)
Highest Ranked Proposer
Bid 16310 VC for Synthetic Motor Oil Awarded to:
Perkins Oil Company  (Milwaukee, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
RFP 16350 VSC for Background Investigations for Entry-Level Fire Department Pending
Bid 16351 Platform Bodies Awarded to:
Monroe Truck Equipment, Inc.  (DePere, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 16352 Utility Bodies Pending
Bid 16360 VC for Police Uniforms Awarded to:
Streicher's, Inc.  (Butler, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 16384 Dump Bodies Pending
Bid 16385 Roll-Off Hoist and Log Loader Crane Pending
Bid 16391 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer Pending
Bid 16400 Air Compressor Cancelled
Bid 16429 VC for Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge OEM Parts Awarded to:
Griffin Sales, Inc. DBA Griffin's Hub CJDR  (Milwaukee, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 16449 Aluminum Pipe Awarded to:
Equity Supply Group, LLC  (Milwaukee, WI)
Only Bidder
Bid 16459 PVC Pipe Awarded to:
Neher Electric Supply, Inc.  (Milwaukee, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 16463 Aluminum Light Poles Awarded to:
Neher Electric Supply, Inc.  (Milwaukee, WI)
Only Bidder
RFP 16476 VSC for Environmental Contracting & Consulting Awarded to:
AECOM Technical Services, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI)
Highest Ranked Proposer
RFP 16479 VSC for Next Generation (NG) 911 Call Handling Solution Pending
Bid 16550 VC Liquid Aluminum Sulfate Awarded to:
Chemtrade Chemicals US, LLC  (Parsippany, NJ)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 16571 Street Lighting Cable Pending
RFI 16591 Joint Fire & Police Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System Pending
Bid 16613 VC for Kor-N-Seal Gaskets To be rebid
Bid 16613 Rebid #1 VC for Kor-N-Seal Gaskets
Bid 16636 VC for Fernco Couplings Pending
Bid 16647 LED Ballasts Awarded to:
Neher Electric Supply, Inc.  (Milwaukee, WI)
Low Complying Bidder
Bid 16675 VC for Street Trees Pending
Bid 16694 Harley Davidson Motorcycles Pending
Bid 16755 VSC for Landscaping Services Pending
RFP Consolidated Debt Collection Services Pending