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Zoning Applications and Procedures

Copy of Former Zoning Applications and Procedures Page

Note: Please email copies of your application and affidavit to
We will provide you with instructions on how to pay the application fee online.

You may mail the original documents to:
Dept. of City Development - Planning Administration
809 N. Broadway, 2nd Floor 
Milwaukee, WI  53202

Zoning Change

Planned Development Districts (PD/DPD)

To Establish or Amend a Planned Development District:

To Request a Minor Modification to a Planned Development District:

Site Plan Review Overlay Zone (SP)

Development Incentive Overlay Zone (DIZ)

Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Zone (NC)


Other Applications and Procedures

Land Division

Public Way Vacation

Zoning Applications and Procedures Dashboard

Zoning Change

The City’s zoning map designates the legal land uses for all properties in the city of Milwaukee. To apply for a change to the zoning map for your property, please use the following links:

Planned Development (PD)

Planned Development zoning is intended to allow flexibility in land development for unique projects. This zoning is site-specific, and encourages development that is compatible with its surroundings and is consistent with the City’s comprehensive plan. To apply for a change in zoning for your property to Planned Development (PD), or to amend or modify an existing PD, please use the following links:

Site Plan Review Overlay Zone (SP)

This overlay zone adds design and building placement standards over and above those required by the base zoning district. These standards are intended to provide improved buffers, pedestrian and vehicular access, and neighborhood compatibility and transition.

Approved Site Plan Review Overlay Zones

Development Incentive Zone (DIZ)

The specific purposes of the development incentive overlay zone are to: A) Provide opportunities to create new development projects which are more compatible with existing development on adjacent sites. B) Create a pedestrian-friendly environment in both design and scale. C) Encourage creativity, variety and excellence in project design and layout. D) Utilize a development review and approval process that meets these purposes without causing undue delays.

Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Zone (NC)

The Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Zone (NC) is intended to provide a vehicle to initiate and implement programs for the revitalization or conservation of older areas or districts possessing distinctive features, identity, or character worthy of retention and enhancement.

Interim Study Overlay Zone (IS)

The interim study overlay zone is intended to allow discretionary review of development proposals in areas where changes in zoning provisions are contemplated or under study.

Floodplain Overlay Zones (FW, FF, FSD)

The purposes of the flood plain overlay zones are to identify flood-prone areas in the city with respect to establishing corrective and preventive measures to reduce flood damage and alerting the public to flood-related hazards it may face in such areas.

Shoreland / Wetland Overlay Zone (WL)

The shoreland / wetland overlay zones includes all wetlands in the city that are 2 acres or more in area as defined by the "FINAL" Wisconsin Wetland Inventory Maps dated March 29, 1989.

Lakefront Overlay Zone (LF)

The lakefront overlay zone is established to accommodate a wide variety of public and quasi-public facilities providing recreational and cultural opportunities and supporting services that require lakefront sites.

Master Sign Program Overlay (MSP)

This overlay zone allows the use of different sign regulations in place of or in addition to the sign regulations of the base zoning district for the purpose of allowing overall flexibility in the in the application of sign regulations for larger, multi-tenant sites that may front on more than one street or have large street frontages, yet encouraging consistence of sign design within the overlay zone.

For More Information

For information on permits and zoning letters please contact the Department of Neighborhood Services.

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