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What Can You Do With a Vacant Lot?


If you buy or lease a vacant lot from the City of Milwaukee, here’s what you can do.


Expand Your Yard: Make it Bigger and Better
$1 Vacant Side Lot



Start a Community Garden



Create a Play Area for Children



Create Gathering Space for Neighbors



Create a New Green Space or Small Park



Build Something: A House, A Shed, or A Structure



Do an "Infill" Project: Residential or Commercial



Add Value to an Existing Use



Start an Outdoor Market in a Commercial District



To get more information on these topics, call or go to:

Map Milwaukee (find available properties)

City Real Estate
414.286.5762 or 414.286.5739

City of Milwaukee Permit Center

Neighborhood Improvement Development Corp.

Milwaukee Urban Gardens/Groundwork Milwaukee

City of Milwaukee Department of City Development


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Handbook offers ideas for creative use of vacant land

With the help of many dedicated citizens and professionals, the Department of City Development has put together this handbook of creative reuse strategies for city-owned vacant land in Milwaukee. This handbook provides a number of practical ideas to residents and community groups interested in turning city-owned vacant lots into community assets that add value to neighborhoods, strengthen bonds between neighbors and make the city a better place to live.

Read the City of Milwaukee Vacant Lot Handbook

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