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Interim Study Overlay Zone (IS)



The Interim Study Overlay Zone is intended to allow discretionary review of development proposals in areas where changes in zoning provisions are contemplated or under study. A boundary and study plan are established at the time the overlay zone is created.

Upon establishment of an IS, all uses listed in the overlay zone as permitted, limited or special uses become special uses, requiring approval by the Board of Zoning Appeals. In addition to the findings required for special uses, the Board shall find that a proposed use will not conflict with or exacerbate the land use and development issues identified by the study plan approved for the area at the time the interim study overlay zone was created.


An IS may only occur in a location for which an area-specific comprehensive plan element has been adopted by the City Plan Commission.

Time Limits

An ordinance establishing an IS contains a provision terminating the IS designation at a specified time which is not more than two years from the effective date of the IS.

Areas Zoned IS

Bronzeville Cultural and Entertainment District - Map and Study Plan

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