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Zoning Topics

River Overlay Zone

Milwaukee River Greenway Site Plan Review Overlay Zone (MRGSPROZ) includes design standards that balance the protection of the Primary Environmental Corridor and promote high quality, sustainable development along the upper reaches of the Milwaukee River.


Interim Study Overlay Zone

Interim Study Overlay Zone is intended to allow discretionary review of development proposals in areas where changes in zoning provisions are contemplated or under study.


Redevelopment Zoning (RED)

This special zoning district occurs within some redevelopment plans, and is intended to identify areas of the city that have unique qualities requiring special treatment, where special approaches to development may be warranted to protect or regulate the development of unique areas, and/or provide more flexible zoning districts which encourage good design and site layout. RED zoned areas rely on form based codes.



Development Incentive Zones (active)

The specific purposes of the Development Incentive Overlay Zone are to provide opportunities to create new development projects which are more compatible with existing development on adjacent sites; create a pedestrian-friendly environment in both design and scale; encourage creativity, variety and excellence in project design and layout; and utilize a development review and approval process that meets these purposes without causing undue delays.


LB3 Zoning

The creation of an LB3 Zoning District is a recent update to the code. It includes Promoting compact, pedestrian friendly districts, and transit supportive density to advance our principle of transportation diversity. This new LB3 District is now available as a “tool” to better align development with context. The district is intended to generally be applied at the main intersection of a local business corridor or could also be applied at “catalytic” sites to allow more substantial development and ensure greater minimum development.


Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Zones

The Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Zone (NC) is intended to provide a vehicle to initiate and implement programs for the revitalization or conservation of older areas or districts possessing distinctive features, identity, or character worthy of retention and enhancement.



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