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Welcome to Milwaukee's Riverwalk

2017 Winner of the Urban Land Institute's Global Award for Excellence!

Open to the public, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the Milwaukee Riverwalk System began in 1993, as a means to offer public access to the river.  Once complete, the Riverwalk will extend 3.1 miles along both sides of the Milwaukee River, from the site of the former North Avenue Dam, through Downtown and the Historic Third Ward to Lake Michigan.  The system is a public-private partnership between riverfront property owners and the City of Milwaukee.  In exchange for permanent public access, the City provides financial assistance for the construction of the private Riverwalk improvements.

Visit the Riverwalk

The Milwaukee Riverwalk draws a mix of high-end residential, commercial and recreational venues to its shoreline therefore creating a highly active, pedestrian environment along the river.  This amenity is open to the public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and with access points located throughout the entire system, we look forward to your visit.

Riverwalk Detail and Maps




During the second half of the 20th century, it became obvious that Milwaukee had turned its back on its most valuable economic resource, the three rivers that run through the heart of the City.  Once the center of commerce and recreation, the Milwaukee River had become one of the City's most neglected amenities.  Continue reading about Riverwalk History



The City of Milwaukee has fostered greater utilization and appreciation of the Milwaukee River by partnering with private developers and/or Business Improvement Districts to build a continuous system of riverwalks on both sides of the river.  Since 1993, public-private cost sharing has facilitated the construciton of more than 12,000 linear feet of riverwalk. 

Regulatory Documents



ADA Improvement Project

In 2003, a complaint filed with the Department of Justice alleged that certain sections of Milwaukee's Riverwalk were in accessible to those with mobility issues.  After an extensive review of the issue, the City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County and the Milwaukee Riverwalk Business Improvement District entered into a settlement agreement with the Department of Justice and agreed to remedy 28 potential ADA violations.  Read more


City of Milwaukee Department of City Development

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