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City Service Forms

Forms for City Service

  1. Absence Analysis Calendar (AAC):

  1. Accrued Time-Off Donor Program: Forms, Guidelines and Instructions

  2. Automobile Allowance Form (Private) Information Sheet (CBP-138): MS Word

  3. Beneficiary Change Form (for active employees), Pension and Life Insurance: http://www.cmers.com/Library/Forms.htm

  4. Biweekly Commuting Miles, City of Milwaukee (CBP-194R, R. 1/2000): MS Word  /  Adobe PDF

  5. Budget Administration Forms (you will be redirected to the MINT)

  6. Classification Related Forms and Guidelines

  7. Complaint Form, Employee (for use by General City employees only) (R. 3.3.21): MS Word

  8. Daily Report of "Time Off" Worked or Taken Off (CBP-171)  MS Word Adobe PDF

  9. Daily Automobile Allowance Record (CBP-139, R 2.2000): MS Word / Adobe PDF

  10. Direct Deposit Form (download and save the form after clicking the link in order to use as a fillable document)

  11. Disciplinary Appeals to the City Service Commission

  12. Disciplinary Reduction (Demotion) Notice (CS-113, R 06.05.19): MS Word / Adobe PDF

  13. Discharge Notice (CS-81, R 01.07.21): MS Word / Adobe PDF

  14. Employee Accident-Worker's Compensation Claim:  For more information click here.

  15. Exit Interview:  https://forms.office.com/g/5QnXfb27c9

  16. Favorable Occurence Commendation (CS-77, R 5.2023): MS Word / Adobe PDF

  17. FLSA Exemption Worksheet (all tests): MS Word / Adobe PDF

  18. FMLA Toolkit: Forms, Policy and Information  

  19. Funeral Leave, Application for (CBP-155, R 5.2022)

  20. Funeral Leave due to Miscarriage, Attestation Form for

  21. Grievance Forms:

  22. Hiring Packet (you will be redirected to the MINT) 

  23. Injury Pay / Worker's Compensation Benefit, Application for (CBP-156A, R. 12.2012)

  24. Internal Job Announcement Template: MS Word / Adobe PDF

  25. I-9 Form and Instructions

  26. Job Description (CS-25, R. 11.2014)

  27. Jury Duty, Application for (C-139RS, R 4.2005)

  28. Leave of Absence, (Request for R. 01.17.20): MS Word / Adobe PDF

  29. Leave of Absence, (Exempt Employees Request for): R. 01.17.20 MS.Word / Adobe PDF

  30. Management Performance Planning and Review Form (Employee Job Performance Plan, Sample Competencies)

  31. MENTOR Greater Milwaukee Volunteer Time Off Request and Verification Form (R. 10.31.2022)

  32. Military Training Leave, Riot or Civil Disturbance Duty, Pay Request for (CS-11, R. 4.2013):  MS Word / Adobe PDF

  33. New Employee Orientation (2021) Forms and Information (you will be redirected to the MINT)

  34. Pay Progression: 2018 Toolkit

  35. Payroll Deduction Authorization (CBP-112R, R 01.03.20): MS Word / Adobe PDF

  36. Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

  37. Probationary Service, Report on (CS-58, R 04.07.23) - MS Word 

  38. Professional Development Award Application (R. 9.21.16):  MS Word

  39. Promotional Guidance and Materials-Internal (you will be redirected to the MINT)

  40. Promotion without Competitive Examination (Rule IV, Sect. 9), Request for (CS-92, R 6.2020): MS Word / Adobe PDF

  41. Provisional Apointment (R. 12.2020)-Adobe PDF

  42. Provisional Appointee Statement of Understanding (R. 12.2020) - Adobe PDF

  43. Purchasing Forms (you will be redirected to the MINT)

  44. Reinstatement, Request for (R. 12.2013):  To request Reinstatement print and complete both of the following forms:
  45. Removal from Eligible List (appeal form):  MS Word / Adobe PDF
  46. Request for Approval of AND Promotion After Underfill (Rule IV, Sect. 6) (CS-107, R. 7.2020): MS Word / Adobe PDF
  47. Request Form and Guidelines for Optional Holiday (R. 12.13.2022): Adobe PDF

  48. Request for Selective Certification Authorization (CS-64, R 11.2006):  MS Word / Adobe PDF

  49. Residency Related Forms:

  50. Resignation Form (CBP-123, R. 2.14.23):  Adobe PDF

  51. Safety Glass Prescription Order Form (R. 5.5.23)  

    • Please print the form only as needed as the form is subject to change at any time and only the most recent version should be used. The completed form must be signed by both the Supervisor and a Workers Compensation Specialist from the Department of Employee Relations.
    • Prescription Safety Glass Policy (R. 02.06.15)
  52. Safety Orientation Checklist: Adobe PDF

  53. Selective Certification Authorization, Request for (CS-64, R. 11.2006):  MS Word / Adobe PDF

  54. Separation Notice (non-disciplinary) (5.15.23) 

  55. Sick Leave, Application for (CBP-156, R. 10.20.20), Absence Due to Illness:  MS Word Adobe PDF

  56. Sick Leave (Medical) Certification (CBP-157, R. 03.14.14):  Adobe PDF

  57. Statement of Economic Interest

  58. Suspension Notice (CS-82, R. 06.02.22): MS Word / Adobe PDF

  59. Temporary Appointment Forms (memo to departments 09.04.14)

  60. Termination During Probation Notice (CS-80, R 06.05.19): MS Word / Adobe PD

  61. Travel Expense Forms and Guidelines (you will be redirected to the MINT)

    • CPB-210:  Authorization for Travel Advance
    • CBP-211:  Statement of Expenses Incurred
    • CTE-001:  Conference and Training Evaluation
    • TRF-001:  Request for Travel on Behalf of City of Milwaukee
    • Travel Policy Overview
    • Travel Guidelines
  62. Tuition Benefit Application Instructions and Administrative Guidelines

  63. Verbal Warning (CS-78, R. 03.2007): MS Word / Adobe PDF

  64. Volunteer Time Off Program Policy : Volunteer Time Off Request & Verification Form

  65. Waiver Form (for Health and Dental): Adobe PDF

  66. Worksite Assessment Form (R. 11.2005): Adobe PDF

  67. Written Warning (CS-79, R. 05.25.22): MS Word / Adobe PDF

  68. W-2 Form, Request for (C-403r7, R. 2.2021):  Adobe PDF

  69. W-4 Form (2024): Adobe PDF (submit to your payroll personnel after completion)

  70. WT-4 Form (R 12.2023) Employees Withholding Exemption Certificate/New Hire Reporting:  Adobe PDF

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