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911 Telecommunicator

The City of Milwaukee is seeking applicants to answer the Police and Fire Departments non-emergency and emergency 911 telephone lines. A competitive applicant would possess strong multi-tasking skills, good judgement, ability to make decisions quickly, and provide instructions. These skills combined with extensive on the job training would be used to perform daily job duties and resolve most work problems.

Accounting Coordinator II

The Accountant Coordinator II provides professional accounting and related financial management support for the Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation (NIDC) and Department of City Development (DCD) accounting activities.

Administrative Assistant III

The Administrative Assistant III serves as the personal and confidential administrative support staff to the Assistant Chiefs of Police and performs administrative tasks supporting the Inspector of Police and Executive Officer.

Bridge Operator

In accordance with Federal and Coast Guard rules and regulations to ensure safe passage for vessels, the Bridge Operator maintains and operates the City’s movable bridges.

Business Systems Specialist

The Business Systems Specialist - Bilingual monitors the implementation of the recommendations of the Local Business Action Team, bringing greater efficiency, transparency and accessibility to the licensing process.

Crime Scene Supervisor

Under the direction of Police Forensic Services Director, the Crime Scene Supervisor oversees the Forensics Division personnel involved in evidence identification, preservation, collection and analysis, ensuring recognized techniques within the parameters of the forensic science field are implemented and followed.

Custodial Worker 1

The Custodial Worker 1 is responsible for the overall cleanliness and upkeep of City of Milwaukee buildings and grounds.

Engineering Drafting Tech IV & Engineering Drafting Tech II

The Engineering Drafting Technician IV prepares and updates plans and system maps for the Milwaukee Water Works (MWW) distribution systems, water treatment plants, pumping stations, booster stations, pressure reducing facilities, and water storage systems. The Engineering Drafting Technician II performs map changes, updates, and maintenance of the MWW mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS), as well as administrative duties related to water main plan preparation, information requests, permit processing and the contracting process.

Engineering Technician IV

The Engineering Technician IV conducts water main replacement, water distribution system repair, and lead service line replacement inspections to ensure compliance with and enforcement of Milwaukee Water Works (MWW) specifications.

Equipment Operator I

The Equipment Operator I provides professional driving and critical manual laboring functions, including municipal solid waste and recycling collection, street sweeping, snow and ice control, and operation of heavy equipment for the Department of Public Works. This position is critical to the cleanliness, health and safety of the City, its residents and visitors.

Fleet Acquisition Manager

The Fleet Acquisition Manager is responsible for the management and oversight of Department of Public Works (DPW), Milwaukee Police Department (MPD), and other City Department fleet-related acquisitions activities; the incumbent administers the continuous evaluation and improvement of approximately 4,000 City fleet vehicles, pieces of equipment, and assets, worth over $263 million.

Fleet Repair Supervisor-Senior

The Fleet Repair Supervisor Senior directs personnel engaged in light and heavy vehicle and equipment maintenance and repairs in the Fleet Services Section.

Ironworker 3 and 4

The Ironworker constructs, fabricates, maintains and repairs structural steel members and ironwork on bridges, viaducts, public buildings, fencing and other structures. The Ironworker also performs maintenance on the machinery and other components of movable bridges.

Library Business Analyst

The Library Business Analyst researches, coordinates, implements and manages detailed contracts, leases, and system operations and processes for the Milwaukee Public Library (MPL).

Library Connected Learning Specialist

The Library Connected Learning Specialist builds critical developmental relationships with young people in Milwaukee and supervises near peer mentors to ensure the provision of excellent customer service in Library Makerspaces and beyond. The Library Connected Learning Specialist will address the digital divide and digital literacy, summer learning loss, workforce readiness, violence prevention, and equitable access to library resources for Milwaukee students across the City, with a specific focus on the adolescent years. Library Makerspaces are open, creative spaces for library patrons to work on a variety of projects, from music recording to cooking to design to 3D printing and more. Library Makerspaces can be reserved or used during drop in Open Maker Time; Makerspace facilitators or interns as available to assist patrons.

Marketing And Communications Officer

The Marketing and Communications Officer plans and implements media and public relations activities for the Department of City Development, the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee, and the Port of Milwaukee.

Municipal Services Electrician

The Municipal Services Electrician inspects, installs, services, repairs and maintains electrical equipment for the City of Milwaukee's street lighting, traffic control, water and sewer instrumentation, communication network systems, buildings, and facilities.

Network Coordinator Associate

Under the direction of the Information Technology Manager, the Network Coordinator Associate assists in the maintenance, upgrade, and support of the Milwaukee Water Works’ (MWW) local area networks, office automation, and server-based application systems, including related equipment.

Painter 3 and 4

There are three current Painter vacancies: in the Department of Public Works (DPW) Buildings and Bridges (B&B), where the incumbent will paint various types of interior and exterior surfaces; in DPW -Electrical Services (ES), where the incumbent will perform painting functions related to pavement markings, field hardware, screen preparation, signs and printing and in the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD), where the incumbent will paint and stain interior and exterior surfaces.

Plan Examiner II & Plan Examiner III

The Plan Examiner II and the Plan Examiner III examine plans, specifications, and other data pursuant to federal, state and local regulations, for the construction of new structures and buildings and proposed alterations, additions, and repairs to existing structures and buildings and related mechanical systems. The position will be filled at the level of Plan Examiner II (PG 2GN) or Plan Examiner III (PG 2JN) depending upon the qualifications of the candidate and the needs of the Department of Neighborhood Services. Eligible candidates who successfully complete the selection process will be placed on the highest-level eligible list for which they qualify.

Police Officer

Police Officers preserve public peace, protect life and property, work within the community to prevent crime, and enforce ordinances of the City of Milwaukee and the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

Program Assistant II

The Program Assistant II performs property management functions related to City-owned properties and supports efforts to market City-owned properties for sale.

Public Health Nurse 1

Public Health Nurses at the City of Milwaukee Health Department (MHD) engage in a variety of population-based and individual nursing activities in homes, schools, clinics and community settings designed to assure that health care is accessible and available to residents. Nursing assignments may be in one of the following programs: Empowering Families of Milwaukee (EFM), Parents Nurturing and Caring for their Children (PNCC), Communicable Disease, Tuberculosis Prevention and Care, Home Environmental Health, Milwaukee Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness and Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Radiologic Technologist

Under the supervision of the Infectious Disease Program Manager, the Radiologic Technologist performs radiographic diagnostic imaging procedures for patients with suspected or confirmed tuberculosis.

Real Estate Specialist

The Real Estate Specialist manages real estate disposition initiatives, with an emphasis on new construction development, major projects, vacant lot sales initiatives, and sale of historically significant improved properties.

Urban Forestry Specialist

Under the direction of a Forestry Services Manager, Urban Forestry Specialists perform work associated with the planting, maintenance, and removal of trees, shrubs, and other landscape plants growing on City green spaces, with an emphasis on arborist duties.

Water Accounting Manager

The Water Accounting Manager directs, guides and supervises the operations of the Accounting Services Work Unit of the Milwaukee Water Works (MWW) and oversees the operating budget preparation for the entire Utility, including the administration of payroll activities and expenditure processing and control. Additionally, the Water Accounting Manager directs the principles and regulation for account methods and documentation within the MWW in compliance with the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB), Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC).

Water Meter Technician

The Water Meter Technician installs, tests, exchanges, removes, and performs on-site repair of water meters and the attached electronic transmitting devices in private residences and businesses throughout the Milwaukee Water Works (MWW) service area.

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