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Jury Duty

(Chapter 350-35)

Unless stated otherwise in a certified collective bargaining agreement while it is in force and in effect, employees shall be granted time-off with pay when reporting for jury duty or jury service upon presentation of satisfactory evidence relating to this duty or service. Employees shall retain all compensation received for jury-duty service, but shall have deducted from their city pay an amount equal to the compensation received by them for jury duty, exclusive of travel pay and pay for jury duty performed on off-duty days. No greater amount of time shall be granted than necessary, and in any case, if an employee is called for jury duty and reports therefor without receiving a jury assignment for that day, or if the employee is engaged in jury duty or service for a part of a day, the employee shall, if his or her city work is available, report for the performance of city duties for the remainder of the day. If jury duty coincides with any mandatory furlough dates, the employee shall not be paid salary from the city on those dates but shall be allowed to retain jury-duty compensation.

Just as any other citizen, you, as a City employee, are subject to call for jury duty. During any periods of jury service, you will receive your full pay from the City. You must, however, turn over all jury fees (excluding the travel allowance) to the City Treasurer. When you are not actually assigned to a case or are released early, you will be expected to report to your regular job.

For the full text of the Ordinance go to: http://city.milwaukee.gov/ordinances 


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