Job Classification

Types of requests handled

The classification team handles a variety of different requests:

  •  Classification – a new position where title and pay are determined as a result of budget or grant funding
  •  Designation – often a footnote (e.g. bilingual position, recruitment flexibility, task rate)
  •  Market Study – a study of the rates of pay of a position
  •  Pay Redesign – the creation of a career ladder
  •  Reallocation – a change only in the level of pay of a position
  •  Reclassification – a change to the title and level of pay of a position
  •  Reorganization – involves more than one position as a result of a restructure of duties
  •  Repurpose – to use a vacant position's funding to create a new position
  •  Title Change – a change only in title of a position

Obtaining budget authority

City departments are required to absorb any costs arising from a reclassification or reallocation within their existing budget allocation.

For budget questions, click here to find your department's budget analyst.

Requesting a job study

Job study requests may be initiated by DER, City department heads, through collective bargaining with unions, the Mayor's office, or by policy bodies such as the Common Council, City Service Commission, or Fire & Police Commission.

Before initiating formal requests, departments often find it useful to meet with DER to discuss the matter informally. This can facilitate planning and help to ensure that all appropriate bases are covered in advance. Sometimes, other options might be available to address the issues in a less costly way.

A Classification Request Form must be completed for all job studies.

Click here for Classification and Job Descriptions - Forms and Guidelines. 

Preparing a job description

A new or updated job description must also be included with all new classification requests. The purpose of a job description is to provide departments and employees with written statements that summarize the major duties and responsibilities of a particular position. Job descriptions should be reviewed on a periodic basis so that they accurately reflect the general nature of work and level of repsonsibility. A finalized job description must be sent to classification staff once a job study is completed.

Click here for Classification and Job Descriptions - Forms and Guidelines. 

Classification Staff:

Andrea Knickerbocker
Human Resources Manager
(414) 286-3387

Sarah Trotter
Human Resources Representative
(414) 286-2398

Sarah Sinsky
Human Resources Representative
(414) 286-5075

Sarah Wangerin
Human Resources Representative
(414) 286-3682

Alana Sitek
Human Resources Analyst - Senior
(414) 286-3143

Bridget Winters
Human Resources Assistant
(414) 286-5192


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