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Master Sign Program Overlay Zone (MSP)

This overlay zone allows the use of different sign regulations in place of or in addition to the sign regulations of the base zoning district for the purpose of allowing overall flexibility in the application of sign regulations for larger, multi-tenant sites that may front on more than one street or have large street frontages, yet encouraging consistency of sign design within the overlay zone.

In order to apply for the establishment of a new Master Sign Program Overlay Zone, the following must be true:

    1. The design quality of the site and surrounding area will be greater with the master sign program than with application of the regulations and standards of the applicable zoning chapter (subchapter 10).
    2. The proposed signs are compatible with the style or character of other existing or proposed improvements on the site and with one another.
    3. The proposed sign program will accommodate the signage needs of both current and future occupants of the site.
    4. The site contains at least 1.5 acres, has multiple tenants and either fronts on more than on street or has a large street frontage.
    5. The proposed master sign program meets the intent of the sign standards of the bae zoning district.

Each master sign program overlay zone is approved by the Common Council. Permits may be issued for signs within an approved master sign program only if such signs conform to the standards of the program. If you are interested in establishing a new master sign program overlay zone, we encourage you to discuss your proposal with DCD Planning staff prior to submitting an application.

Approved Master Sign Program Overlay Zones

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