Home Environmental Health Division

The Home Environmental Health Division (HEH) of the City of Milwaukee Health Department consists of four complimentary programs that together aim to keep children and families healthy and safe:

  1. Lead Hazard Reduction
  2. Lead Surveillance and Response
  3. Healthy Homes
  4. Drinking Water Safety

The Lead Hazard Reduction Program

The Home Environmental Health Division (HEH) investigates children screened and identified with elevated blood lead levels. Children with high levels of lead are provided nurse case management and the source of the child’s exposure is identified in the child’s environment through the completion of lead inspection and risk assessment. This HEH has this authority in Chapter 66 Toxic Substances ordinance and Wisconsin Statute 254.  If lead hazards are identified written orders are issued, the department monitors the hazard abatement by a state certified lead abatement contractor regulated under ch. DHS 163 Wis. Adm Code and assures the hazard is mitigated through clearance testing regulated under Chapter 66 Toxic Substances ordinance. The department administers grants to assist property owners with the expense of lead hazard abatement. In addition the Lead Poisoning Prevention program works with community partners to distribute Lead Safe Kits which includes water filters to individuals who are susceptible lead poisoning . The program works to educate the community and medical providers around the risks of lead and the need to screen children for lead poisoning.


Find tips and information for preventing lead exposure and safely managing lead hazards.

About Lead Exposure

Lead is a natural element found in our environment and was once used in a variety of products. To prevent lead poisoning, know the sources of lead and ways you can control or eliminate exposure.

Data & Reports

Find MHD childhood lead poisoning prevalence and testing data.

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

The MHD CLPPP operates a primary prevention program to make properties lead-safe and responds to reports of elevated blood lead levels in children.

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