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Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention: What Can Parents Do?

As parents, you can play an important role in preventing your child from lead poisoning by simply keeping them from coming into contact with lead. Knowing the sources of lead and what lead hazards look like can help reduce your child's risk of exposure.

Take These Steps to Reduce the Risk of Lead Poisoning:

Visit your doctor to have your child tested for lead. 

If you are pregnant or have a child under the age of 6, talk to your doctor about lead testing. The City of Milwaukee Health Department recommends all children be tested for lead exposure three times before age 3. 

Click here 
to learn more about lead testing recommendations.

Lead Testing Recommendations

Find out if your home has lead paint.

If you live in a home built before 1978, it most likely contains lead paint. To find out the year your home was built, click here.

Look up your home address

Lead-based paint hazards can be present in older homes.
To learn more about the sources of lead and ways to protect your family click here.

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Did you know a healthier diet can help get lead out of the body?

Eating foods high in calcium, iron, and vitamin C may help reduce your child's blood lead level (BLL). Find more resources on lead and nutrition below:


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