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Communicable Disease Prevention and Control

The Communicable Disease Program (CD) helps ensure the health of Milwaukee residents through surveillance, investigation, prevention, and reporting of conditions of public health concern.

More than 80 conditions are reportable to public health in Wisconsin resulting in over 15,000 cases reports annually. Program staff investigate a subset of these cases to do the following:

  • Verify diagnosis
  • Confirm treatment
  • Determine the source of the illness
  • Reinforce medical advice
  • Provide contact notification as necessary
  • Provide education to prevent further spread of infection

Hundreds of case investigations are performed annually. In addition, disease trends are monitored to identify and respond to clusters or outbreaks. The CD program also serves as a resource for the general public, schools, and daycares as well as community and medical entities regarding infectious diseases, infection control, and prevention.

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Communicable Disease Reporting:

Healthcare providers, please call 414-286-6800 during normal business hours or 414-286-CITY after hours to promptly report suspected or confirmed category 1 diseases.

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