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Welcome to the City of Milwaukee Lead Abatement Permit Page.

Here you will find information about the permitting process including who is required to get a permit and how to go about requesting one online. This information applies to any work performed within the City of Milwaukee.

Please visit the state of Wisconsin website for information about the permitting process outside of Milwaukee city limits

In 1978, the federal government banned the use of lead based paint for consumers. Lead from paint, which degrades into lead contaminated dust remains one of the most common sources of lead poisoning. Containment measures should always be used while working with lead based paint. Home interiors can become contaminated with lead based paint dust as it tends to fall to areas where children are most likely to play within the home. Home exterior areas can become contaminated as lead based paint sheds from siding and other exterior components and falls to the soil below. More information is available on our website or you can visit the State of Wisconsin website.

Who needs a permit from our program?

  • Any contractor that is going to do lead abatement work on an address located within city limits
    Any contractor receiving funds for lead abatement work from either our program or another city program as specified on the scope of work

Note- if you are a landlord and doing work on your own properties please check the State’s website to determine if you need to get a permit as you would not need one from the City of Milwaukee.

What Licenses are required to pull a permit?

The following 3 licenses are required for all permit types

  • City of Milwaukee Home Improvement License
  • State of Wisconsin Company Lead Certificate
  • State issued Lead Abatement Supervisor card

Please note that all the above licenses must be registered to the same person. If they do not belong to the same person you will need to request and complete a sign off sheet from our program before you can be issued a permit.

What Type of permit do I request?

There are 3 basic types of permits to select from. Please request the one that is appropriate:

  1. Base Permit – any abatement that is funded 100% by an owner
  2. HUD Permit – any abatement work that is funded by the Home Environmental Health Program
  3. NIDC/NIP/NSP –any abatement work that is funded by another city agency

General guidelines when pulling a permit

  • All permits must be pulled at least 3 full business days before the actual start date
  • Only the onsite supervisor can pull the permit
  • When selecting type of work (interior, exterior) mark only the box(s) that you plan to complete during the duration of the permit you are applying for. Do not mark both boxes unless you plan to complete both those items in that time frame.
  • You may request as many permits as you need to complete an address and may request interior or exterior only permits if that applies.
  • Permits are generally valid for 14 business days or 2 weeks for the type of work specified.
  • If you have not completed the work in 14 days and need to request an extension you will need to fill out a new permit request BEFORE the last day listed on your current permit. We will issue a NEW permit to continue work and waive the 3 day waiting rule.
  • If a permit expires (beyond the last day listed on the permit) you will need to request a new permit but will need to follow the 3 day wait rule before work can resume.
  • You may only have 3 open permits at a time. Permits are considered closed when clearance wipes are taken and turned in by the inspector.
  • You must provide a valid email address so we can send you your permit.
  • The Notification of Lead Based Paint Activity must be signed by the onsite supervisor
  • You must have an onsite supervisor present & onsite anytime work is occurring
  • Permits are not considered valid until approved by our program staff
  • The application must be filled out completely and accurately or the request will be rejected. This included listing all the supervisors/workers that will be on the job site while work is being done.
  • By pulling a permit you are agreeing to follow all safety standards and protocols as set forth by the City of Milwaukee, State of Wisconsin and HUD and understand that a certified inspector will be monitoring your activities to ensure safe standards are being met daily.
  • Permits can be requested online at the City of Milwaukee’s Online Permit center. Please note that first time users will need to register. Once registered, you can request your Lead Abatement Permits via accessing the Building Module -> Lead Abatement

Helpful Links to more information on specific licenses

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