Emergency Preparedness and Response

The City of Milwaukee Health Department (MHD) plays an important role in protecting the health of the metropolitan Milwaukee community. The department actively plans and prepares for public health emergencies in conjunction with law enforcement, emergency management, healthcare providers, and other community partners to ensure a coordinated and effective response.  The brochures below have been prepared by MHD to help Milwaukee-area citizens prepare for various emergency conditions.  Please click on the brochures you are interested in to read and/or print them out.

Special MHD Preparedness Brochures

 E-Go Bag Brochure

E-Go Bag Brochure
When emergencies (E) happen, it is important to be prepared.  Create an E-Go Bag to take with you if you suddenly need to evacuate or leave your home.  An E-Go Bag is a portable kit that includes items that you need to survive while you are away from your home.  Click here to open just the checklist of items to pack into an E-Go Bag.

 Pandemic Flu Brochure

Pandemic and Avian Flu Brochure 
A flu pandemic occurs when a new flu virus emerges for which people have little or no resistance.  A pandemic flu virus will spread easily from person to person, resulting in large numbers of people becoming ill.  Find out more about what you can do to stay healthy and safe in the event of a pandemic flu outbreak.

 Shelter-In-Place Brochure

Shelter-In-Place and Evacuation Plans Brochure
Deciding to stay or leave home during a disaster may be a hard decision.  Trust your local emergency management (EM) officials to make the right decision.  Listen to local TV, radio, or visit www.milwaukee.gov.  Whether you are directed to stay (Shelter-In-Place) or go (Evacuation), it is important to be prepared so you can make the best decision. 

General Preparedness Links

Ready America Website

Here you can find information on being prepared at home, at school, and for all types of disasters.  Learn how to protect and prepare you and your family by visiting www.Ready.gov, where you will find information on making preparedness checklists, plans, and kits, and addressing special populations, including older persons, and persons with disabilities.These websites are also helpful and informative:

Volunteer and Government Agencies

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