Health Information

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Cold Weather Safety

Steps you can take to be sure that you and your family avoid harm when it is unusually cold outside.

Infant Mortality

Causes of infant mortality, information about our Fetal Infant Mortlity Review, and resources for further information.

Cooling Sites

Need to cool down? Find the nearest public place with air conditioning near you!

Medicine Disposal & Collection

Find out where to take and dispose of the unused medicine lurking in your cabinet that is no longer needed.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Information about various emergency situations and how to prepare for them

Premature Birth Information and Prevention

Learn about premature birth a how to prevent it.

Environmental Health

Health information on local air quality, drinking water, hazardous/toxic materials, needles/sharps, PCBs, and guidelines for eating fish.

Prematurity: The Leading Cause of Infant Death

Information about premature birth including a definition, risk factors, and a list of ways you can prevent a premature birth for your baby.


Influenza (flu) information and FAQs for both the general public and health care professionals.

Prenatal Care

Answers to your questions about medical care during your pregnancy.

Food Safety for Businesses

Signs, fact sheets and links to state and local food codes.

Safe Sleep for Your Baby

Recommendations and guidelines for providing a safe sleeping environment for your baby, an overview of our Safe Sleep Awareness Campaign, and further resources and news articles about safe sleep.

Food Safety for Individuals

Information for individuals and businesses on how to safely handle and cook food.

Safer Sex

What you need to know to have safer sex.

Healthy Eating and Exercise

Information and resources on healthy eating and excercise from our nutritionist Yvonne Greer.

Sharps Disposal for Households

Learn about how and where to safely dispose of your needles and sharps in the Milwaukee area.

Hot Weather Safety

Information about the city's Heat Task Force and how to keep yourself safe and healthy during a heat wave.

STI / HIV / AIDS Fact Sheets

Links to CDC web pages for various sexually transmitted infections, including HIV / AIDS.


General information about immunizations and vaccine-preventable diseases for the public and for health professionals, as well as information about our immunization program and clinic services.

Tattoos & Body Piercing

Information for tattoo parlors and piercing shops along with health information for those who are considering or who have just recently gotten tattoos/piercings.

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