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The following news releases have been issued by the Common Council.
All News Releases require Adobe Reader to view. Please download it if it is not installed on your computer.

Common Council - City Clerk Media Contacts:
Public Information Division - (414) 286-3285 - E-mail - [email protected]

December 2010
Dec. 21  Council Approves Wisconsin Ave. and Juneau Ave. Bridge Projects
Dec. 21  Ordinance Upgrading Vacant Building Registration Passes 15-0
Dec. 20  STATEMENT: Ald. Donovan on Six Common Sense Steps to Begin a Bradley Tech Turnaround  |  2007 MPS News Release
Dec. 9  STATEMENT: Alderwoman Coggs on What it Means When Rail Funds Head Elsewhere
Dec. 9  Ald. Donovan Issues Subpoena to Police Chief Edward Flynn  |  Subpoena
Dec. 7  Hotel Projects Top Historic Preservation Commission’s Agenda
Dec. 7  STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan Regarding Bradley Tech News Blackout
Dec. 6  Arrests of Robbery Suspects Eases Fears
Dec. 4  - CANCELED - MEDIA ADVISORY: Layton Boulevard Upgrades to be Detailed at News Event
Dec. 2  MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Donovan to Present Honor to 100-year-old Wal-Mart Greeter
Dec. 2  STATEMENT: President Hines Addresses Recent Rash of Accidents on Fond du Lac
November 2010
Nov. 23  Council Approves Revenue Bond Financing for Summerfest Upgrade
Nov. 23  Alderman Joe Davis Appointed to Key International Council
Nov. 22  2010 Frank P. Zeidler Award Winners Announced
Nov. 17  STATEMENT: President Hines Says Being Open for Business Means Making an Investment in Business
Nov. 16  President Hines Welcomes Caterpillar to Milwaukee, Praises Bucyrus International
Nov. 16  STATEMENT: Ald. Bohl Says The “Truth-O-Meter” Needs re-Calibrating  |  DPW Documents
Nov. 12  MEDIA ADVISORY: Grade Schoolers to Rake Leaves at Vacant South Side Homes
Nov. 11  Common Council “On Board” in Rail Support Letter to USDOT Sec’y Ray LaHood  |  Letter
Nov. 9  Inauguration Ceremony Wednesday for Milwaukee Youth Council
Nov. 5  Council Approves 2011 Budget that Lowers Property Taxes, Reduces Solid Waste fee
Nov. 3  Flood Insurance Buyers Need to Beware, and Be Aware, Aldermen Warn  |  FEMA News Release
October 2010
Oct. 28  STATEMENT: What the Prescription Label Proposal Does NOT Do
Oct. 27  MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Wade to Collaborate on “Get-Out-the-Vote” Initiative
Oct. 27  Aerotropolis Corporation Becomes Official Today
Oct. 25  STATEMENT: Ald. Hamilton on “Milwaukee Promise” Amendment Looks to Measure Efficacy
Oct. 25  STATEMENT: Alderman Joe Davis, Sr. on Son's Arrest
Oct. 22  MEDIA ADVISORY: Volunteers to Join Alderman Davis in Cleanup of Elderly Couple’s Flood Damaged Basement
Oct. 21  Prescription Drug Disposal Legislation Passed by Council Committee
Oct. 21  Committee Approves Measure that May Bring Reduced Rates for Flood Insurance
Oct. 13  Milwaukee Residents may get Reduced Rates for Flood Insurance
Oct. 12  MEDIA ADVISORY: Public Information Meeting Regarding the Improvement of Wisconsin Ave. Bridge over the Milwaukee River
Oct. 12  STATEMENT: Council Approves Bronzeville Single-Family Housing Project
Oct. 12  Report on Milwaukee Pension System Misses the Mark
Oct. 12  RiverWalk Project Connects Today at Council
Oct. 11 Council to Weigh in on Nationwide Moratorium on Foreclosures
Oct. 11  Alderman Donovan seeks OpenSky records
Oct. 8  STATEMENT: Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs on DA’s Office Findings
September 2010
Sept. 29  MEDIA ADVISORY: President Hines to Address Education Funding at Fourth Street Forum TOMORROW
Sept. 29  STATEMENT: MPS Failures Continue to Fuel Poverty in Milwaukee
Sept. 27  STATEMENT: Time is Now for Residents to Seek FEMA Assistance
Sept. 27  Alderman Donovan: Mayor’s Proposed Budget Doesn’t Pass Smell Test
Sept. 24  Benefit Event Saturday Set to Thank Milwaukee Police Officers
Sept. 23  STATEMENT: Pres. Hines to Keynote Opening Ceremony of Milwaukee College Prep, Lindsay Heights Campus
Sept. 23  National Public Lands Day to be Celebrated at Lynden Hill
Sept. 22  STATEMENT: FEMA Walk-In Center a Familiar Site, Great Choice
Sept. 21  Common Council Creates Bronzeville Advisory Committee
Sept. 20  STATEMENT: Alderman Wade Regarding FEMA Individual Assistance Decision
Sept. 20  President Hines Announces Appointments to Flooding Study Task Force
Sept. 17  Villard Square Brings Housing, New Library, Jobs and Hope 
Sept. 17  MEDIA ADVISORY: Public Invited to Emergency Flood Disaster Meeting
Sept. 16  STATEMENT: Alderwoman Coggs Regarding Poll Incident
Sept. 15  “General Lee” & Dillinger Car from Public Enemies Headline Historic Mitchell Street Classic Car Show
Sept. 1  STATEMENT: Alderman Wade Regarding MMSD Projects
August 2010
Aug. 31  President Hines, Mayor Barrett Urge School Support from St. Marcus Rooftop
Aug. 30  STATEMENT: Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs Regarding Passing of C.C. Henderson
Aug. 27  Freedom Scholarship Winner Announced
Aug. 25  STATEMENT: Opportunity Can Knock on Boarded-Up Doors
Aug. 23  Fix Sewers and Roads Before Spending a Dime on Our Train Station
Aug. 23  Upgrade of Intermodal Station Platform Areas Long Overdue
Aug. 19  City of Milwaukee Announces Survey Push in Preparation for FEMA Appeal
Aug. 18  STATEMENT: Alderman Joe Davis on Flooding Aftermath, Likely Causal Factors, Need for Fund to Help Victims
Aug. 18  STATEMENT: President Hines, Alderman Hamilton Criticize FEMA Decision, Praise Mayor Barrett for Continuing the Fight for Funding
Aug. 18  MEDIA ADVISORY: Meeting Tonight to Address Flooding Issues on Far South Side
Aug. 16  City Department Scuttles Plan Requested by Another City Department to Fast-Track In-Rem Foreclosures
Aug. 16  President Hines Addresses Death of Man in Police Custody
Aug. 13  MEDIA ADVISORY: Villard Avenue Day Festival Tradition Continues This Saturday
Aug. 13  MEDIA ADVISORY: Salvation Army Donates Football Equipment
Aug. 13  STATEMENT: Flooding Response: A Call for All Hands on Deck
Aug. 11  City Anti-Graffiti Efforts to Receive Big Boost from Operation Impact
Aug. 11  President Hines, Mayor Daley to Discuss Education, Budgetary Strategies in Chicago
Aug. 9  STATEMENT: Pres. Hines and Alderman Donovan Commend Officers, Urge Residents to Cooperate with Police
Aug. 9  New “Rhino” to Track Possible Criminal Activity
Aug. 9  MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Hamilton Hosts Town Hall Meeting
Aug. 6  Jones Island Scenic Overlook Historic Additions Dedicated on Saturday
Aug. 5  MEDIA ADVISORY: Students to Attend PGA Clinics Through Fellowship Open
Aug. 5  Making Over Milwaukee
Aug. 4  MEDIA ADVISORY: Bronzeville Mixer Event Set for Thursday with Alderwoman Coggs
Aug. 3  MPS Rec Cancels All Ages Graffiti “Art” Course
July 2010
July 28  MEDIA ADVISORY: Ald. Hamilton to Help with Clean Up
July 28  STATEMENT: Ald. Joe Davis Regarding Applebee’s at Midtown Center Closing
July 27  Foreclosed, Abandoned Homes Present Huge Flood Damage Question
July 27  Council Members Unanimous on Flooding Task Force; State Smoking Ban Implemented Locally
July 27  Alderman Wade Asks Neighbors to Look in on Elderly and Disabled for Basement Help
July 23  City of Milwaukee Residents Urged to Report Flood Damage
July 23  Power Substation Damage Causes Street Light Outages
July 23  City of Milwaukee Task Force Proposed to Study Flooding
July 22  STATEMENT: Ald. Donovan on New Information on TRUE Skool, Inc. and Graffiti
July 21  MEDIA ADVISORY: Preliminary 2011 Budget Hearing Scheduled
July 20  Committee Supports $171,000 in City Funding for 1st Bronzeville Area Projects
July 20  MEDIA ADVISORY: Political Strategy Memo on High Speed Rail Offered to Gubernatorial Candidates  |  Memo to GOP Candidates for Governor
July 20  MEDIA ADVISORY: Neighborhood March Wednesday Will Include Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs
July 19  MEDIA ADVISORY: Cabs on Patrol (C.O.P.) Program Puts Cab Drivers on Watch
July 19  CORRECTED MEDIA ADVISORY: Graffiti “Art” Has Alderman Irate
July 19  MEDIA ADVISORY: Graffiti “Art” Has Alderman Irate
July 16  Events Tomorrow for United South Neighborhood Community Action Day  |  Action Day Flyer
July 16  MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Hines and Residents to Hold Press Conference TODAY, Demand that MMSD Fund Solution
July 16  Time for City, MMSD to Make Proactive Basement Backup Prevention Effort
July 16  Meeting Next Week on MKE’s Future High Speed Rail Line
July 15  MEDIA ALERT: City Residents Can Use Online Report Form for Backups
July 15  MEDIA ADVISORY: Youth Interns Will Hear About Importance of Work
July 15  Council Member Says Miracle League Bid Worthy of Support
July 15  MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Wade to Moderate Foster Care Community Forum Tonight
July 13  MEDIA ADVISORY: Community Action Day Walk-Through to Include Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs
July 13  National League of Cities Calls for Immigration Reform
July 13  Citizens to Patrol Milwaukee’s Jackson Park Neighborhood
July 12  STATEMENT: Alderwoman Coggs on Weekend Shootings
July 12  MEDIA ADVISORY: Midtown “Day Watch” Neighborhood Walk Happening Tuesday
July 9  MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Hamilton Promotes ACT BID
July 7  Milwaukee Job Corps Center Job Fair Happening This Week  |  Job Fair Flyer
July 7  Private Alarm Systems Task Force Holds Public Hearing
July 6  MEDIA ADVISORY: Agreement Linking South African University and UW-Milwaukee to be Signed
July 1  Remembering Tragedy Inspires Safe Celebrating
July 1  MEDIA ADVISORY: Church Steps Up to Request MPD Roll Call Near Where Officer Was Shot
July 1  STATEMENT: President Hines Praises Purchase of Former Finney Library by Wisconsin Lutheran College and Pathways to College
June 2010
June 28  Administration Asks MPD to Enforce Smoking Ban in Taverns
June 25  Alderman Hamilton, Common Council President Hines to Join in Inaugural Community Event
June 25  MEDIA ADVISORY: Committee to Discuss Leveraging Funds
June 23  MEDIA ADVISORY: Proposal to Expand Operation Impact in Response to Business Petition  |  STATEMENT  |  Mission Statement  |  Letter to Pat Curley  |  Letter to Mayor with Signatures
June 21  MEDIA ADVISORY: Fire Symptom of Need to Secure Vacant Properties
June 21  STATEMENT: Alderman Jim Witkowiak on Graffiti Laws Needing State-Level Attention
June 14  Common Council to Host World Champion Irish Dancers; to Take Up Zoning and Licensing Matters
June 14  MEDIA ADVISORY: Key Obstruction for Lake Michigan Game Fish to be Removed, Opening Up 37 Miles of River and Streams  |  Directions to News Event
June 10  MEDIA ADVISORY: South Side Graffiti News Conference Now Set for 11:00 a.m. Today
June 9  MEDIA ADVISORY: South Side Seeing Graffiti Explosion; News Conference Called for 1:00 p.m. Thursday
June 8  Milwaukee Arts Board to Distribute Grant Awards Totaling $177,000
June 8  STATEMENT: The Poor Will Always Be With Us – But Will They Be Allowed In New Berlin?
June 4  Festival Tomorrow to Celebrate Harambee Community Action Day
June 4  Public Ceremony Sunday to Celebrate Opening of Hartung Quarry Park
June 1  Committee to Consider Proposed Four-Month Moratorium on Precious Metal and Gem Dealer Licenses  |  File # 100121
June 1  Public Ceremony Sunday to Celebrate Opening of Hartung Quarry Park
May 2010
May 25  Sponsors Issue Statement on Approval of Milwaukee River Greenway Overlay Legislation
May 20  Alderman Hamilton New President of Milwaukee Public Library Board of Trustees
May 19  Milwaukee and Waukesha Council Members Work Toward Regionalism
May 19  Mayor Barrett and Common Council President Hines Announce 2nd Annual Emerging Business Sustainability Conference
May 17  Unemployment Task Force Plans Continue to Move Forward
May 17  No Occupancy Permit, No Problem for Sex Offenders to Live Down the Block
May 11  STATEMENT: Tosa High Speed Rail Stop Idea Has Traction
May 10  STATEMENT: This “Bob” Says “No!” to Downtown Trolley
May 6  Alderman Calls for Analysis of Proposed Police Administration Building Renovation
May 6  Data Shows Streetcar Line Compares Favorably to Busiest MCTS Bus Routes
May 5  Operation Impact 2010 to Build on Momentum of Successful First Two Years
May 5  MEDIA ADVISORY: Milwaukee Image and Perception Task Force Inaugural Meeting TODAY
May 3  Lease Arrangement for Intermodal Facility Leaves Local Taxes Unpaid
April 2010
Apr. 30  MEDIA ADVISORY: Plainfield Curve Neighbors Pleased With I-94 Noise Walls
Apr. 29  STATEMENT: New MPD Crime Numbers Are Good News, But City Not in Position to Keep the Trend Going, Alderman Donovan Says
Apr. 28  STATEMENT: Milwaukee’s “Surplus” Needs Some Clarification  |  Tax Stabilization Fund 2001-2010
Apr. 28  May 1 Neighborhood Clean Up Along Capitol Drive Looking for Volunteers
Apr. 26  Alderman Proposing Task Force to Address Unemployment
Apr. 26  Northwestern Mutual Puts Up Big Money for Milwaukee-Damaging Drexel Interchange
Apr. 21  Milwaukee Goes International in Poverty Relief
Apr. 21  MEDIA ADVISORY: Pedal Pushing in the Capitol
Apr. 20  Alderwoman Coggs Sponsors Town Hall Meeting on Housing
Apr. 20  STATEMENT: Licenses Committee Unanimously Approves Task Force Reforms
Apr. 15  Ald. Coggs Challenges Students To Put Freedom In Writing
Apr. 12  Council to Vote on Clarifying Licensing of Manufactured Home Communities
Apr. 6  STATEMENT: Alderman Kovac on the 100th Anniversary of Socialists Winning Milwaukee Elections
Apr. 6  STATEMENT: Parents: It’s Curfew Time in the City of Milwaukee – Do You Know Where Your Children Are? Not Knowing Could Cost You  |  Legislation Text
Apr. 6  MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Bauman to Hold Midtown “Day Watch” Neighborhood Walk Thursday
Apr. 6  STATEMENT: Alderman Jim Witkowiak on Club Sugar TV News Story
Apr. 1  Public Input Sought on Milwaukee River Greenway Overlay Zone
Apr. 1  Hartung Quarry Park to Receive Sculptures
March 2010
Mar. 29  STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan on New MPD Pursuit Policy  |  MEDIA ADVISORY: MPD Changes Pursuit Policy; Alderman Donovan to Hold News Conference
Mar. 29  STATEMENT: Alderman Willie Wade on MPS Hat Incident  |  Letter From MPD
Mar. 24  STATEMENT: Alderman Willie Wade on Approval of Talgo Lease
Mar. 24  MEDIA ADVISORY: Council President Hines to Speak at Garden District Town Hall Meeting
Mar. 19  City Partners with Clear Channel to Promote Google Opportunity
Mar. 19  STATEMENT: President Hines on Passing of Joseph Zilber
Mar. 15  MEDIA ADVISORY: Third Annual Frank P. Zeidler Memorial Lecture Is March 23
Mar. 15  Milwaukee Honored with Cultural Diversity Award
Mar. 15  Alderman Donovan Says He Refuses to Accept Early Release Felons  |  Letter to Governor Doyle
Mar. 15  MEDIA ADVISORY: Council Finance Chair Alderman Murphy to Address City’s Pressing Financial Issues
Mar. 12  Frank P. Zeidler Public Service Award 2010 Nominees Sought
Mar. 10  City of Milwaukee “All-In” in Attempt to Lure Google
Mar. 9  STATEMENT: Ald. Witkowiak Regarding Voter Fraud Story
Mar. 8  Council President Hines: Now is the Time for RTA
Mar. 5  Milwaukee Arts Board Recognizes Outstanding Artists of the Year
Mar. 3  MEDIA ADVISORY: MPD and DNS to Join Alderman Bauman for Neighborhood Walk Tomorrow
Mar. 3  Housing Trust Fund Awards Include Homeless Vets, Youthbuild Program
Mar. 2  STATEMENT: Alderman Terry Witkowski Regarding Pension Changes
Mar. 2  STATEMENT: Alderman Wade Regarding Talgo Announcement
Mar. 2  STATEMENT: President Hines, Aldermen Praise Governor Doyle and Mayor Barrett for Bringing Talgo to Tower
February 2010
Feb. 26  MEDIA ADVISORY: School’s Life-Saving Cardiac Response to be Recognized During Friday Event
Feb. 25  MEDIA ADVISORY: School’s Life-Saving Cardiac Response to be Recognized During Friday Event
Feb. 23  Acting Fire Chief to Discuss Mutual Aid Pact at Public Safety Committee
Feb. 22  Milwaukee First to Offer Innovative Solar Power Revolving Loans
Feb. 18  Private Alarm Systems Task Force Holds First Meeting
Feb. 17  Milwaukee to be Represented at World Urban Forum
Feb. 17  Milwaukee Officials to Pay Visit to Chicago Unified Call Center
Feb. 16  MEDIA ADVISORY: Store Owner who Fought Off Armed Robbery Attempt to Receive Citation
Feb. 11  STATEMENT: Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs on Everest College BOZA Issue
Feb. 11  STATEMENT: President Hines Commends DPW on Excellent Snow Operation
Feb. 9  Task Force to Assess Milwaukee’s Identity to be Voted on Today
Feb. 8  Common Council to Hear from Milwaukee Bucks’ Hammond, to Deal with MFD Staffing, Licensing and Razing Issues
Feb. 8   Ald. Joe Davis Re-appointed To National League Of Cities Finance Committee
Feb. 5  MEDIA ADVISORY: Two Fish & Five Loaves Brings Food Philosophy to Midtown
Feb. 4  STATEMENT: Alderman Jim Witkowiak Issues Statement on MABAS Study
Feb. 2  New Group To Assess Milwaukee Identity
Feb. 2  Dane County Airport Rail Stop “A Mistake,” Alderman Says
Feb. 1  Council Panel to Examine Foreclosure Crisis in City of Milwaukee Today

January 2010

Jan. 29  Council Panel to Examine Foreclosure Crisis in City of Milwaukee
Jan. 28  STATEMENT: Hines, Bauman Praise “Historic” Federal Investment in Wisconsin Rail
Jan. 28  MEDIA ADVISORY: Scheduled Brownout in District 2 Raises Concerns - News Conference Today
Jan. 27  MEDIA ADVISORY: Scheduled Brownout in District 2 Raises Concerns
Jan. 21  STATEMENT: Alderwoman Coggs Regarding Shooting Outside Boss' Lounge
Jan. 19  National League of Cities’ Prescription Drug Discount Program in Milwaukee Incredible Success
Jan. 19  Alderman Joe Davis, Sr. Appointed To Top NLC Leadership Post
Jan. 19  STATEMENT: Alderman Kovac Regarding Pizza Man Fire
Jan. 19  MEDIA ADVISORY: Fire Department’s Staffing & Equipment Shortfalls Exposed by Pizza Man Fire; News Conference Called for 1:30 p.m. Today
Jan. 15  Three of Four Stores Found Selling Stolen Gold & Jewelry Surrender Licenses
Jan. 13  Mounting Community Opposition to Plans for Everest College, Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs Says
Jan. 13  MEDIA ADVISORY: File Urges Study of Consolidation or Merger of City, County, & MPS Services & Agencies  |  Related Files
Jan. 12  STATEMENT: Alderman Jim Witkowiak Regarding Becher St. Liquor Application & Media Report
Jan. 12  MEDIA ADVISORY: Troubled Firm’s Plan for College Branch Subject of Wednesday News Conference
Jan. 12  STATEMENT: Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs on Fire Safety
Jan. 7  STATEMENT: Ald. Hamilton on Urgency of MPS Legislation
Jan. 6  MEDIA ADVISORY: Fire Department “Brownouts” to be Aired at Public Safety Committee
Jan. 6  STATEMENT: President Hines on Senate Bill 405
Jan. 5  MEDIA ADVISORY: Ald. Zielinski Challenges Police Uniform Purchase
Jan. 5  MEDIA ADVISORY: Polish Dancers, Area Dignitaries to Welcome Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki
Jan. 4  STATEMENT: President Hines Exhorts Citizens to Obey Police, Welcomes Chief’s Review of Recent Fatalities
Jan. 4  STATEMENT of Ald. Bob Donovan: Let’s Place the Blame Where it Truly Belongs


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