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Water Quality Task Force

The Water Quality Task Force was an ad hoc City of Milwaukee committee created for the purpose of evaluating and making recommendations to the Common Council regarding the problem of the presence of lead in Milwaukee's drinking water. The Task Force was established by Common Council File Number 160438 and adopted July 26, 2016. The Task Force was comprised of members of the Common Council, Department of Public Works, Health Department, the community, and the medical profession. All City departments were directed to cooperate with the work of the Task Force. The specific issues the Task Force was tasked with investigating were the following:

  1. Possible sources of lead in drinking water, including the city’s drinking-water infrastructure and within buildings and private residences.
  2. The effect of chemicals on leaching of lead into water.
  3. Additional issues related to the long-term health and safety of Milwaukee’s drinking water.

The overarching goal of all of the Task Force’s activities was to find ways of making the City of Milwaukee’s drinking water safe for all residents.  The result was the following report on the recommendations of the task force:

Water Quality Task Force: Activities, Findings, and Recommendations Final Report - April 2017

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