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The following news releases have been issued by the Common Council.
All News Releases require Adobe Reader to view. Please download it if it is not installed on your computer.

Common Council - City Clerk Media Contacts:
Public Information Division - (414) 286-3285
E-mail - [email protected]



December 2006

Dec. 28  2006 Challenging But Rewarding Year For The Milwaukee Common Council
Dec. 28  New Years Letter to the Residents of the City of Milwaukee From Commom Council President Willie L. Hines, Jr.
Dec. 8  Holiday Parking Gift Proposed
Dec. 8  Ald. Bauman Proposes Traffic Calming Ordinance
Dec. 6  Explosion Generates Need For Window Help For Neighborhood Residents; City To Respond
Dec. 6  Statement of Common Council President Willie L. Hines, Jr. Pertaining To Falk Corporation Tragedy
Dec. 1  MEDIA ADVISORY: Ald. Davis To Be International Observer At Election In Venezuela

November 2006

Nov. 29  Veto Override Ensures City Budget That Protects Public Safety, Continues Economic Development Push
Nov. 28  MEDIA ADVISORY: Common Council To Take Up Mayoral Veto On Firefighter Staffing
Nov. 21  MEDIA ADVISORY: Street to be Dedicated for Peacemaker
Nov. 17  Police Chief To Appear At Alderman's Town Hall Meeting
Nov. 17  Community Upset About Transfer Of Popular Community Liaison Officer
Nov. 15  Council Approves Business Revitalization Initiative for the City's New Airport Gateway
Nov. 10  Common Council Adopts First Sub-$8 Tax Rate Budget In 50 Years
Nov. 9  Finance & Personnel Committee Comes In Under Mayor's 2007 Proposed Budget
Nov. 6  Alderman Terry L. Witkowski Named 2006 Man of the Year by the South Side Business Club of Milwaukee, Inc.
Nov. 3  Not Lovin' It: MPD, Ald Zielinski Confront Truants At McDonald's
Nov. 2  Statement of Ald. Mike McGee, Jr. Pertaining To Independent Monitors and Independent Investigators For The Fire And Police Commission
Nov. 2  Taking Back The Neighborhoods - One Or Two Houses At A Time

October 2006

Oct. 31  Extra $1 Million Sought By MPS Could Bring 15 Full-Time MPD Officers
Oct. 26  Letter to Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Andrekopoulos from Alderman Donovan
Oct. 26  MEDIA ADVISORY: Taxpayer Dollars Better Spent, Violence At MPS Schools Better Addressed By Hiring Police Officers
Oct. 3  Letter To Mayor Barrett From Alderman Donovan

September 2006

Sep. 29  DAY 58, Still No Information RE: Death of Frank Moore II
Sep. 27  MEDIA ADVISORY: Ribbon Cutting For New Condo Development
Sep. 25  MEDIA ADVISORY: Common Council To Receive Mayor's Proposed 2007 Budget
Sep. 21  Milwaukee Collects Fewer Taxes, Incurs Lower Expenditures Than Peer Cities
Sep. 21  MEDIA ADVISORY: Street To Be Dedicated For Good Samaritan
Sep. 19  Letter To Police Chief Hegerty From Alderman McGee
Sep. 19  MEDIA ADVISORY: Ald. McGee Questions Police Policy Of Assigning Officers To Districts Where They Have Been Involved In Shootings
Sep. 19  Consolidation Questions Won't Go To Milwaukee Voters  ---- Yet
Sep. 18  Honoring the Legacy of Former Milwaukee Mayor Frank P. Zeidler
Sep. 14  File Pertaining to Aggressive Anti-Violence Proposal
Sep. 14  Public Safety Committee Passes Aggressive Anti-Violence Proposal
Sep. 14  MEDIA ADVISORY: Election Commission Head to Explain Vote Discrepancies to Aldermen
Sep. 14  Council Members Call For Full Report On Tuesday's Primary Election Discrepancies
Sep. 13  Statement of Ald. Mike McGee, Jr. Pertaining to Arrest of Two More In Case of Sexual Assault of 11-Year-Old Girl
Sep. 12  MEDIA ADVISORY: Council Members To Take Part In Election Forum At Marquette
Sep. 12  Public Can Comment On Study of County-City Consolidation of Services
Sep. 11  Statement of Ald. Mike McGee, Jr. Pertaining To Reward For Suspects In Sexual Assault of 11-Year-Old Girl
Sep. 8  City Will Court Other Wi-Fi Providers
Sep. 8  Why The Big Delay In Wi-Fi Deal?
Sep. 8  MEDIA ADVISORY: Reward Money To Be Announced For Info On Sex Assault Suspects; Additional Details To Be Offered: Group Assault Of 11-Year-Old Girl
Sep. 7  DAY 36, Still No Information RE: Death of Frank Moore II
Sep. 7  MEDIA ADVISORY: Outrage In Aftermath of Sexual Assault of 11Year-Old-Girl
Sep. 7  Statement of Ald. Bob Donovan Pertaining To A Societal Crisis In Milwaukee
Sep. 6  Milwaukee Hosting National League of Cities Panel This Week
Sep. 1  MEDIA ADVISORY: Prayer Vigil To Be Held For Still Unidentified Burned Woman

July 2006

Jul. 28  MEDIA ADVISORY: Villard Avenue: Catch The Feeling. Catch The Vibe.
Jul. 25  "Summer Of Peace" And Ace "Em" Up Day - Joint Press Conference To Address Violence In Milwaukee (2006 Jam 4 Peace Concert Urged To Encourage Peace, Not Promote Violence)
Jul. 24  Ald. McGee Asks News Organizations To Respect His Private Life
Jul. 21  Health & Wellness Goal Of "Walk For Wellness" Event Saturday On City's Northwest Side
Jul. 20  Alderman Witkowski Wants Consolidated Government Study On Fall Ballot
Jul. 20  Alderman Witkowski Calls On MMSD To Clear Brush, Debris From Concrete-Lined Creek Beds
Jul. 19  Mayor Of Carora, Venezuela To Discuss Possible Sister City Agreement, Meet With City Officials During Visit
Jul. 13  New Community Garden/Green Space To Enhance Northwest Side
Jul. 13  Council Initiative Would Boost City's Role In Fight Against Global Warming
Jul. 12  Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Ald. D'Amato, City & Neighborhood Leaders
Jul. 11  Police, Alderman To Walk Through Neighborhood Where Police Were Attacked During June Visit
Jul. 11  Miss Teen Wisconsin USA To Receive Common Council "Send Off" As She Heads To National Competition
Jul. 6  Cruising At Miller Park To Be Addressed By Ald. Donovan During News Conference
Jul. 5  Miller Park Cruising Initiative "Huge Success" So Far

June 2006

Jun. 29  MEDIA ADVISORY: Music Event In Mitchell Park To Promote Peace
Jun. 29  Spreading The Wealth - Expansion Of TIN Program On Near North Side
Jun. 29  Community Service Officer Proposal Goes To Key Committee Today
Jun. 28  Should Police Officers Be Directing Traffic For Summefest?
Jun. 27  Cruising Proposal Could Include Supervised Gatherings Utilizing Miller Park Lot
Jun. 22  Milwaukee Needs Community Service Officers, Task Force Says
Jun. 16  Ald. Mike McGee, Jr. Offers $2,000 Cash Reward For Info Leading To Mugger
Jun. 15  This Afternoon Venezuala's U.S. Ambassador To Meet City Officials, Will Discuss Possible Business & Cultural Ties
Jun. 14  Seniors Threatened By High Property Taxes Can Get No-Interest Loans To Avoid Foreclosure
Jun. 13  Venezuela's U.S. Ambassador To Meet City Officials, Will Discuss Possible Business & Cultural Ties Thursday
Jun. 7  Are Chevron Markings The Answer To Safety In The Plainfield Curve?
Jun. 6  Statement From Alderman Mike McGee, Jr. Re: Resolution of Wauwatosa Case
Jun. 6  Statement From Alderman Mike McGee, Jr., June 6, 2006, Pertaining To Manquis Daniels
Jun. 6  City Lots Overrun With Tall Weeds; Ald. McGee Wants City Dept. Held Accountable
Jun. 6  Council Committee To Consider Filling Vacant Positions In Police Department
Jun. 6  Lack Of Minority Hiring On Capital Drive Reconstruction Project To Be Addressed
Jun. 6  DOT To Unveil "Concept" I-94 Footprint
Jun. 1  Ald. Hamilton Commits Himself To Improving Challenged Neighborhood By Moving In

May 2006

May 31  News Conference Today On Four-Point Plan To Curb Violence
May 30  Statement of Common Council President Willie L. Hines, Jr., May 30, 2006, Pertaining To Shootings In Our City
May 30  Plan To Curb Violence Includes Panel Of Archbishop, Judge Geske, Marie Monreal Cameron, Bishop Daniels & Dr. Howard Fuller
May 26  Milwaukee May Help Lead The Way To Energy Independence
May 25  Statement From Alderman Mike McGee, Jr. May 25, 2005, Pertaining To Name Change
May 25  Statement From Alderman Mike McGee, Jr. May 25, 2006, Pertaining To Apology
May 25  Black Contractor Lands $1 Million-Plus City Project
May 24  Ald. Jim Bohl Statement On His Position  Re: Timmerman Field.
May 22  Surveillance Cameras To Help Curb Crime Along Stretch Of National Ave. | CORRECTION/CLARIFICATION Re: Surveillance Cameras On National Ave.
May 19  Flower Power Brings Beauty To Silver City
May 15  Major Announcement Coming Tuesday At Midtown Center
May 12  Teen Job Fair Happening Monday, May 15
May 11  Major U.S. Cities Making Public Transit Projects A Top Priority
May 11  Mayor Breaks Campaign Promise By Failing To Secure $91 Million In Federal Funding
May 10  Mayor Closes Road To The 21st Century, Vetoes Milwaukee Connector Resolution
May 3  News Conference Regarding New City Law Closing Drug Paraphernalia Loophole
May 1  Citizens Voice Overwhelming Opposition To $300 Million Guided Bus Plan

April 2006

Apr. 26  Alderman Bohl Hosts Town Hall Meetings
Apr. 18  Ald. Davis Asks U.S. Attorney General To Issue Federal Indictments In Jude Beating Case
Apr. 18  Ald. McGee Announces Visit By Rev. Al Sharpton To Seek Independent U.S. Probe In Jude Beating
Apr. 17  Letter In Response to MMAC
Apr. 17  Resolution Sponsored By Alderman Bauman Pertaining To City Of Milwaukee Support For Development Of Commuter Rail Service Within Milwaukee County
Apr. 17  Letter From Ald. Bauman Pertaining To Connector/Commuter Rail
Apr. 17  MMAC Letter To Alderman Hines
Apr. 17  Connector Project Release
Apr. 17  Chief Hegerty To Appear At Alderman's Town Hall Meeting Tomorrow Night
Apr. 13  A Business Vision For S. 27th St.
Apr. 12  $300 Million Guided Bus System: Why The Rush To Judgment?
Apr. 12  Statement of Common Council President Willie L. Hines, Jr. on Jude Verdict
Apr. 11  Media Advisory: Rally Set For Truth And Justice In Jude Beating Case
Apr. 11  Major $uccess $tory: Council Approves Dissolving Three Tax Incremental Districts
Apr. 11  It's Official: Fines For Littering Doubled
Apr. 6  The Big Sweep: East Side Commuters Urged To Avoid Tickets, Tow Trucks
Apr. 5  Media Advisory From Alderman Witkowski Pertaining To Proposed Expansion of I-94
Apr. 5  $300 Million Guided Bus System Is Not The Only Option Available To Capture Needed Federal Funds
Apr. 5  "Code Of Silence" In Jude Case Further Damaging Public's View Of Police
Apr. 4  Downtown Transit Connector Study
Apr. 4  Moving Ahead On Milwaukee Connector Project Only Way To Ensure Approved $91 Million Investment In The City Of Milwaukee
Apr. 4  Venezuelan Supreme Court Justice To Appear At City Hall

March 2006

Mar. 31  $300 Million Guided Bus Plan Will Reduce Transit Service For Current Transit Users
Mar. 30  Letter From Ald. Robert J. Bauman To Common Council Colleagues RE: Downtown Transit Connector Study
Mar. 29  Statement of Ald. Ashanti Hamilton (RE: Two missing boys)
Mar. 29  $300 Million Guided Bus Plan Will Require City To Demolish And Reconstruct Recent Streetscaping Improvements On Wisconsin Ave.
Mar. 29  Ald. Hamilton Media Availability Today
Mar. 28  Graffiti Vandal Could Get "Tagged" By Property Owners, Courts
Mar. 27  Statement of Ald. Joe Davis, Sr. (RE: Two missing boys)
Mar. 27  $300 Million Guided Bus Plan Will Exacerbate Downtown And East Side Parking Problems
Mar. 24  Beating Outside Malcolm X Academy Brings Call For Harsher Sentencing
Mar. 24  $300 Million Guided Bus Plan Will Not Improve Mobility Or Access To Jobs For Low-Income and Minority Residents
Mar. 23  $300 Million Guided Bus Plan Called "Boondoggle," Waste of Taxpayer Dollars
Mar. 22  City Legislation Pushes For Passage of U.S. Immigration Reform Bill
Mar. 20  Respect Kampain Tour Today To Address Cruising, Other Topics
Mar.  7  Racial Disparities Show City Ordinances & EBE Program Need Full Review: Ald. McGee
Mar. 6  Ordinance Would Double City Fines For Littering
Mar. 3  Blunt Truth: New Law Closes Drug Paraphernalia Loophole, Citywide Ban Being Proposed

February 2006

Feb. 27  Common Council To Take Up Anti-Gang Loitering Ordinance, Zoning Change For Group Homes And Asset Forfeiture Proposal
Feb. 25  Housing Trust Fund Task Force To Hold Inaugural Meeting | List Of Members
Feb. 24  A Quorum Or A "Gang" -  Youth Council Call Special Meeting To Weigh In On Proposed Anti-Gang Loitering Ordinance; Common Council Takes Up Issue Tuesday
Feb. 23  New Report Shows Officers Fired In Jude Beating Case Paid Nearly $600,000 | Memo Re: Payment Of  Suspended/Fired Police Officers In Jude Beating
Feb. 22  Ald. Joe Davis, Sr. Statement Re: Anti-Smoking Ordinance Opposition From Businesses
Feb. 21  Ald. Witkowski Media Advisory: Election Commission's Sue Edman To Join Ald. Witkowski For Two Meetings On South Side
Feb. 21  Ald. McGee Media Advisory: Public Input Wanted On Anti-Gang Loitering Ordinance
Feb. 21  Ald. Donovan Media Advisory: News Conference Addressing The Proposed Anti-Smoking Ordinance
Feb. 20  Call For Milwaukee - Venezuelan Cooperation; Ald. McGee's Letter To President Hugo Chavez
Feb. 20  Another Step Toward A Smoke-Free City | To view the ordinance click here: https://milwaukee.legistar.com/Legislation.aspx
Feb. 20  Ald. D'Amato & Downer Merchants To Hold Joint Meeting On Proposals For City Lot
Feb. 17  Ald. D'Amato Calls On CRG To Come Clean On PabstCity Spending
Feb. 14  Respect Kampain Spring Tour Releases Other Dates, Locations
Feb. 14  Joint Meeting Seeks Opinions On Anti-Gang Loitering Ordinance
Feb. 13  Community Meeting To Discuss MPD Officer Reinstatements In Frank Jude, Jr. Case, Asset Forfeiture & Gang Loitering Proposals
Feb. 2  Hartung Quarry Nears End Of Its Life As Landfill
Feb. 2  Ald. McGee To Host Weekend Fundraiser For Nina Parker

January 2006

Jan. 31  Manpower Clears Critical Hurdle In Proposed Move To City Of Milwaukee
Jan. 27  Inc-U-Bank Grand Opening To Feature Small Businesses, Launch Millions More Movement Housing Rehab Development
Jan. 27  Newly Approved Changes To State Law Enable City To Tow, Impound Unregisted Vehicles
Jan. 24  Police Chief Urged To Share Asset Forfeiture Proceeds For Gun Buy-Back, Other Crime-Fighting Programs
Jan. 23  Rebuilding of I-94 South From Mitchell Airport Concerns Citizens
Jan. 13  Alderman Believes Change Could Trigger Proliferation Of Group Homes In City Neighborhoods
Jan. 12  Milwaukee Poised To Become First Big City To Go Wireless
Jan. 11  City Funding Crisis Sparks Call For Spring Advisary Referendum


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