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Alert Neighbor Program

The City of Milwaukee’s Alert Neighbor Program emphasizes community involvement in addressing crime and safety concerns in Milwaukee neighborhoods. The program is a partnership between neighborhood block clubs, the Milwaukee Police Department, the City of Milwaukee, and local non-profits to evaluate persisting neighborhood issues and develop strategies to reduce these problems. The Alert Neighbor Program will assist neighborhood block clubs to identify and implement strategies, like reporting criminal activity, holding regular neighborhood meetings, and planning neighborhood improvement projects, to reduce safety concerns. Additionally, the Alert Neighbor Program will provide funding for physical improvements in the neighborhood. These improvements range from crime watch signs and porch lighting to security cameras installed around the community.

For additional information, please contact City of Milwaukee Community Outreach Director Patricia Ruiz-Cantu at (414) 286-5626.

Program Overview

This program offers funding to Milwaukee neighborhoods to improve safety conditions. Eligible neighborhoods can apply.  Priority will be given to areas with high rates of drug-related complaints. Applicants must have at least eight households committed to forming a block watch or neighborhood task force that works with the City, Milwaukee Police Department, and other partners. The neighborhood must also commit to contributing $20 of the cost of any safety improvements provided by the program.

After selection, the neighborhood will work with MPD, Community Prosecutor, Wellness and Safety and the Program Administrator to identify safety issues and prioritize physical improvements and resident involvement strategies. Examples of possible improvements include lighting, surveillance cameras, and signage. Resident involvement may include holding regular meetings, recruiting new members, reporting suspicious activity, and undertaking neighborhood cleanups.

The Program Administrator will manage and oversee the program, including accepting applications, convening the Selection Committee, working with residents to create a physical improvement plan and budget, and evaluating the program's effectiveness. The evaluation will measure changes in criminal activity, incidents of reported criminal activity by neighbors, the formation of block watch groups/neighborhood task force groups, and resident perception of neighborhood safety.

Program Information

The Alert Neighbor Program (ANP) is an initiative that aims to reduce crime and improve safety in Milwaukee neighborhoods by promoting collaboration among residents, city officials, and other partners. The program will provide funding for safety improvements such as cameras, lighting, and signage to neighborhoods that have organized groups of residents committed to addressing crime and safety issues in their area.

To participate in the ANP, neighborhoods must work with the Milwaukee Police Department and other partners to identify safety issues and develop solutions. They must also contribute to the cost of the safety improvements and encourage their neighbors to join the program.

Neighborhoods will be selected based on factors such as the presence of active neighborhood block watches or groups and the ability to provide matching funds. The application process is simple, and the requirements include a minimum commitment of eight households and a willingness to contribute $20/resident for the safety improvements.

If you have questions about the Alert Neighbor Program, you can contact the City of Milwaukee at (414) 286-5626 or email [email protected].

To participate in the Alert Neighbor Program, follow these five steps: 

1. Organize your group: Gather at least eight households in your neighborhood who are committed to improving safety conditions in your area. Work together to complete the program application.

2. Schedule a safety walk: Once your application is approved, schedule a safety walk with representatives from the Milwaukee Police Department, your local Aldermen, and other partners (such as Wellness and Safety experts). You will identify safety issues in your neighborhood and develop strategies to address them.

3. Submit your project form: Once your safety walk is complete, submit your project form along with recommendations from the Milwaukee Police Department. This will include information on physical improvements such as cameras, lighting, and signage.

4. Distribution of equipment: Once your project form is approved, equipment will be distributed to your neighborhood. This will include safety improvements identified in your plan such as cameras, lighting fixtures, and signs.

5. Action plan: With the safety improvements in place, work as a group to devise an action plan that will help promote resident engagement and involvement. This may include regular neighborhood meetings, cleanups, and other activities designed to improve quality of life for everyone in your community.

Alert Neighbor Program Logo


If you have questions about the Alert Neighbor Program, please contact the City of Milwaukee at (414) 286-5626 or email [email protected].

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