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Fireworks Ban

In 2006, the Common Council created the Fireworks Task Force to study the impact of fireworks on public safety after a fire that was caused by fireworks destroyed a Milwaukee home.  The study concluded that amateur use of fireworks should be banned in Milwaukee due to the significant number of injuries and property damage caused by them.  A Milwaukee ordinance was later introduced and passed banning the sale and amateur use of fireworks in Milwaukee.

Our fireworks ban mascot is Sparky, the friendly firework character that says, "Leave the fireworks to the pros!"  Check out his facebook page, where he promotes going to professionally-run fireworks instead, and provides the dates and times for fireworks shows in the Milwaukee area.

The fine for setting off fireworks within the Milwaukee city limits can run up to $1000, so save yourself the expense and the bodily injury, and go see one of the many free fireworks shows our city is lucky to have available.



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You'll find fireworks events throughout Milwaukee listed.
Remember, stay safe and leave it to the professionals.


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Task Force Report

Click to open Fireworks Task Force Report.

Fireworks Brochure

Click to open The Dangers of Fireworks brochure.



The 12 members of the Fireworks Task Force were:

  • Ald. Joe Davis, Sr., co-chair
    (appointed by the Common Council President)
  • Ald. Scott Spiker, co-chair
    (Common Council President)
  • Deborah A. Bent, citizen at large
    (Common Council President)
  • Carol Bruss, Fourth of July Commission
    (Fourth of July Commission)
  • Deputy Chief Donald G. Doro,
    Milwaukee Fire Department (Fire Chief)
  • Edward Ehrlich, City of Milwaukee Assistant
    City Attorney (City Attorney)
  • Melvia Ford, citizen at large
    (Common Council President)
  • Kristine Hinrichs, Municipal Court Chief Court
    Administrator (Chief Judge)
  • Joanne Jalowiec, President, Wilson Park Fourth
    of July Association (Mayor)
  • William Rahming, Sr., citizen at large
    (Common Council President)
  • Sandy Schmidt, citizen at large
    (Common Council President)
  • Captain Anthony Smith, Milwaukee Police Department
    (Police Chief)


Fireworks are illegal and dangerous! sign

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