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Payments and Miscellaneous Charges

  • Si necesita  esta información en español, llame a Servicios del Cliente. If you need this information in Spanish, please call Customer Service.
  • Automatic payments (also known as ACH, paid through Automatic Clearing House)

Sign up at Directpaymentplan.com or call Customer Service at (414) 286-2830.

Cancel an automatic payment: Submit the request in writing and include your MWW account number, your name and telephone number, and the reason for your cancellation. Fax to Customer Service at (414) 286-5452 or email it to [email protected].

Make a change to ACH bank or routing number: Go back to Directpaymentplan.com and sign up again using the new information.

Application of partial payments

Partial payments are applied in the following order, from oldest outstanding amounts due to current bills:
1. Water charges
2. MMSD sewer treatment charges
3. City sewer charges
4. Solid waste charges
5. Snow and Ice charges
If the account is paid in full but there is a further payment to apply, the credit will be applied to the water portion of the account.

Late payment charges

If payment is not received by the due date, late payment charges of 5% per quarter for unpaid water charges and 3% per quarter for all other unpaid charges will be added to the bill. If necessary to transfer unpaid balances to the property tax for collection, a fee of 10% will be added to the amount transferred. Unpaid water and other City of Milwaukee municipal services charges are transferred to the property tax bill if they are delinquent for at least 180 days as of October 1 of each calendar year. For accounts billed monthly, the late payment charge is 1.67% for unpaid water charges and 1% for all other unpaid charges.

Municipal Services Bill Appeals Process

Report disputes or discrepancies on your bill by calling Customer Service at (414) 286-2830 prior to the next billing date.

  • If you are not able to resolve your complaint about Water or MMSD Charges with the Milwaukee Water Works, call the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) at 800-225-7729.
  • To appeal Snow & Ice, Extra Cart and Solid Waste Charges: Pay the charge when it comes due, noting it is paid “under protest” and within 20 days of payment, file a complaint with the City of Milwaukee Commissioner of Public Works. If you disagree with the determination of the Commissioner, you may file an appeal within 30 days of the determination with the Administrative Review Appeals Board. Call (414) 286-2231 or find the appeals form at Milwaukee.gov/CityClerk. There is a $25.00 filing fee. Any refund is limited to the billing period under appeal.
  • To appeal the Local Sewerage or Storm Water Management Charges: Pay the charge when it comes due, noting it is paid “under protest” and within 20 days of payment, file a complaint with the Commissioner or call the PSC.

Facturas de los Servicios Municipales Proceso de apelaciones
Reporte los conflictos sobre su cuenta llamando a Servicios al Cliente (414) 286-2830.

Si no puede resolver su conflicto sobre los cargos de Agua o de MMSD, llame a la Comisión de Servicio Público de Wisconsin (PSC) al 800-225-7729.

Si no puede resolver su conflicto sobre los cargos de Nieve & Hielo, Carrito Extra de Basura, o Basura Sólida, pague el cargo en la fecha de vencimiento, incluyendo una nota que diga que se paga “bajo protesta” y en los siguientes 20 días de hacer el pago, presente una queja al Comisionado de Obras Públicas de la Ciudad de Milwaukee. Si usted no está de acuerdo con la determinación del Comisionado, usted podría hacer un reclamo en los 30 días siguientes a  la determinación con la Junta Administrativa de  Revisión de  Apelaciones (Administrative Review Appeals Board). Llame al (414) 286-2231, O busque el formulario de apelaciones en Milwaukee.gov/CityClerk. Hay una cuota por reclamación de $25.00. Cualquier reembolso se limita al período de cuentas bajo apelación.

Si no puede resolver su conflicto sobre los cargos de Alcantarillado Local o Manejo de Agua de Tormenta, pague el cargo cuando se debe, incluyendo una nota que diga que se paga “bajo protesta” y en los siguientes 20 días de hacer el pago, presente una queja al Comisionado, o llame al PSC.

Payment arrangements

When circumstances prevent you from paying your bill in full, please call us at (414) 286-2830 to discuss the possibility of payment arrangements.

Miscellaneous Charges

Returned item charge $35 This charge is applied to the account whenever a payment is returned by a bank for any reason.

Interim meter readings taken by utility staff $35 per reading In situations where such readings (taken between regular readings) are required for real estate closings, change in tenancy, etc., we accept a reading made by the customer. This charge applies whenever the customer asks the utility to make the reading.

Copies of bills For bills older than two years from the request date, you must make an Open Records request by email to [email protected]. We will send you an invoice that must be paid before you receive the items. The charge is $3.00 per bill.

Final bill charge $40 per reading This charge applies whenever a customer makes a request for a final bill for an account. A meter read is required.

Investigation charge $40 per investigation following the first free investigation Investigations have been performed by the utility as a courtesy, generally to identify leaks. The investigations are scheduled in advance and the customer is advised to be present to provide access to the building. At times, the customer fails to be present or is unable to provide full access. If an additional investigation is requested within a short period of time under circumstances that do not warrant the additional effort, the account will be charged. The charge would also be made for a second or subsequent investigation scheduled within a three-month period.

Missed Appointment $65 For the first missed appointment for a Meter Read or Distribution service during normal business hours, there is no charge. For all additional missed appointments, there is a $65 charge.

Meter Reset Charge $40.00 for appointments Monday-Saturday between 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and $75.00 for appointments Monday-Saturday after 4:30 p.m. There are no appointments on Sunday.

Water Turn on Request $50.00 for appointments at any time Monday-Friday and $75.00 for appointments at any time on Saturday and Sunday.

Customer Service Center
For billing and related questions: 


24-Hour Control Center
For water emergencies only:


  414-286-5452 (Fax)

Email: [email protected] 

 Zeidler Municipal Building, 841 N. Broadway, Room 406, Milwaukee, WI 53202

 Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 4:45 PM

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