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Lead Service Line Replacement Owner Request Option Program

If a property owner wants to replace their lead service line with copper but does not qualify for a required replacement, the property owner may apply to the Owner Request Option Program. Replacement will proceed at the discretion of Milwaukee Water Works.

  • The property owner will be responsible for the lesser of the actual cost or the current average cost of replacing the privately-owned portion of the lead service line.
    • The five-year average cost for replacement of the privately-owned portion, as of December 31, 2023, is $4,358.  (This will be the current average cost for all of 2024.)
    • The actual cost to replace a service line may differ from the estimate.  
    • The property owner must agree in advance to pay 100% of the current average or actual cost of the private side (whichever is less) within 15 years.
    • Milwaukee Water Works will pay 100% of the cost to replace the publicly-owned portion of the service line. 

  • A property owner may only request to be included in the program by submitting the application form below.
    • Subject to capacity, Water Works will include a limited number of requests in the overall lead service line replacement work every year.
    • Capacity is limited, and there is no guarantee that a requested lead service line replacement will occur in the same year that the property owner applied to the program.
    • Only owners of 1-4 unit residential properties with no commercial purpose or uses are eligible. If a property has more than four residential units, or any commercial purpose, it is not eligible for the program. Property designation status is determined by the Milwaukee Tax Assessor.
      • Owners of properties with more than four residential units or any commericial purpose can still replace their lead service line by making their own arrangements with a contractor to replace the private side.
      • The contractor will notify Water Works of their schedule to replace the private side. Water Works will coordinate replacement of the public side.

  • If the property owner's application to participate in the Owner Request Option Program is approved, Water Works will provide the property owner with a cost estimate for replacement of the privately-owned portion (curb stop valve to water meter).
    • Within 10 business days of the postmark on the estimate, the property owner must complete, sign, and return two documents authorizing the work on private property to Milwaukee Water Works
      • Instructions for completing the documents will be included with the estimate. 
      • Water Works will not proceed with the project if the documents are not provided within 10 days.
    • The City of Milwaukee will mail an invoice to the property owner on September 1.  
    • The property owner's cost can be repaid in full within 45 days of receiving the invoice.
      • If the full amount due is not paid within 45 days, the City of Milwakee will automatically assign a special assessment to the property owner's tax bill.
      • If transferred to the property tax bill, the owner can make annual payments over 15 years, with interest applied (prime rate + 1%), or pay the remaining balance at any time.
    • The first 100 participants will pay no interest for the final eight years of the 15-year period.


Property Owner's *Last Name 

(* Please note that the name submitted must match City of Milwaukee property records.) 

Property Street Address: 

City:   State:    ZIP: 

Phone number 1          Mobile     Land line

Phone number 2           Mobile    Land line

Email address 1 

Email address 2 

Number of dwelling units at this property 

Does this property have any commercial purpose, per the Office of the City Assessor?    Yes    No 

Submit 4-5 photographs of the water meter and surrounding area:

  • Include the meter in each photo, and take multiple photos from various distances from the meter (1. Close up, 2. From  three feet away, 3. From 5-10 feet away, 4. From 10-15 feet away, 5. From 15-20 feet away.) Water Works will need to confirm that there are no obstructions to accessing the meter on the day of construction.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Uploaded files are stored separately from the rest of the data submitted with the form. Therefore, the file name for each photograph must include the property address or Water Works staff will not be able to associate your photos with the appropriate property. If you are taking photos with an iPhone, save the images to the iPhone "Files" app first, which allows a user to modify the file name, then upload to this form. Or, save the photos to a desktop computer so you can rename each image file prior to uploading them to this form.  

Submit photo #1 here:  
Submit photo #2 here:  
Submit photo #3 here:  

Submit photo #4 here:  
Submit photo #5 here:  


 I understand that I will be required to pay 100% of the actual cost to replace the privately-owned portion of the lead service line, or the current average cost, whichever is less

  I understand that I will receive an invoice by mail, and can pay the invoice in full within 45 days of the postmarked date, or as a special assessment on my property tax bill. (Invoices are mailed out once per year, on or shortly after September 1.)

  I understand that if I elect to pay over time as a special assessment, my debt will accrue interest at the current Prime Rate plus 1%.

 I understand that I must fill out, sign, and return two forms: 

1) The "Election to Use City Contractor to Replace Lead Service Line and Install Meter Setting form, which authorizes a City-designated contractor to perform work on my property, and 

2)  The "Temporary Right-of-Entry, Construction Easement, and Hold Harmless Agreement", which authorizes a City-designated contractor to enter my property to perform the necessary work, and includes a Scope of Work. 

 I understand that the Owner Request Replacement Option Program is subject to the capacity of Milwaukee Water Works and its designated contractors, and may be influenced by the number of emergency and planned lead service line replacements in any given year, as well as other factors, and that there is no guarantee that my service line will be replaced in the same year that I make this request, and that the determination to proceed with the work on my property rests with Milwaukee Water Works. 

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected], or call 414-286-6304, or indicate your questions here (limit 500 characters): 

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