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Water Filters

Water Works will provide a voucher for a filter pitcher and replacement cartidges to the customer(s) at a property when a required lead service line replacement is scheduled. Customers can turn in the voucher to the Water Works offices in the Zeidler Municipal Building, located at 841 N. Broadway.

  • Situations Where Filters are Provided
  • Situations When Filters are NOT Provided

Boy Drinking Water

  1. A property with a lead service line is within the vicinity of a water main replacement, but is not directly connected to the section of main being replaced.
  2. A Department of Public Works sewer replacement or street reconstruction is proximate to a property with a lead service line.

Water filter and glasses

Residents can purchase a filter on their own. Many types of water filter pitchers and lead-removing cartridges that match the pitcher type and size are available locally for much less than the cost of buying bottled water. Point-of-use filters can be installed under a sink and provide continuous flow and pressure.  

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