Environmental Stewardship

Milwaukee has an abundant water resource in Lake Michigan, which contributes to a high quality of life and a reliable supply of fresh drinking water. We use Lake Michigan water and return it to the lake.

As a steward of the resource, the Milwaukee Water Works uses sustainable practices to reduce its energy, carbon and water footprints while purifying and pumping the water. We focus on supply-side conservation, water accountability, energy conservation, operational efficiency and consumer advocacy to prevent water waste. 

Environmental Collaboration Office

The Environmental Collaboration Office, or ECO, strives to make Milwaukee a world class eco-city. ECO develops practical and racially equitable solutions that improve people’s lives and the economy while working to protect and restore the natural ecosystems that support our long-term prosperity.  ECO collaborates with the community, develop global partnerships, offer award-winning programs, and implement the ReFresh Milwaukee sustainability plan. ECO is also managing development of Milwaukee's Climate and Equity Plan

Water Centric City

The City of Milwaukee’s Water Centric City Initiative recognizes the importance of water as essential to a sustainable and resilient future, and Water Centric Cities showcase leadership in managing natural water resource assets in a sustainable and resilient way. Learn more, here

Take the NEW Water Current Walking Tour

Discover Milwaukee's Water Story

The Water Current Tour is a self-guided walking tour that includes educational signs and artwork to guide visitors to Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood, along the Water Technology District and into the Harbor District to experience the city’s various water-related assets, including the Global Water Center, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences and Harbor View Plaza.

Tour Stops Include: Harley-Davidson, Rockwell Automation, Confluence Point, Boone & Crockett, Paliafito Eco-Arts Park, Harbor View Plaza, and the Global Water Center. Use the Water Tour Map to Plan Your Trip.

Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Cities Initiative

Mayors of cities whose population and economy rely on Great Lakes water have formed a bi-national coalition called the Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Cities Initiative. The organization actively works with federal, state and provincial governments to advance the protection and restoration of the Great Lakes ecosystem through development and implementation of a comprehensive Great Lakes Protection and Restoration Plan. Mayors are active participants in Great Lakes issues relating to governance, economics and science.

Mayor's Commission on Water Equity
Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson became a co-chair of the Mayor's Commission on Water Equity in September, 2022. Read Mayor Johnson's testimony at the Commission's September 2022 field hearing on barriers to equitable implementation of the Infrastructure, Investment, and Jobs Act, here

Help Protect Our Source Water - Lake Michigan

Safely Dispose of Unused Medicine, Household Hazardous Waste, and Electronics A clean water source is one of the barriers to protect public health. The Milwaukee Water Works analyzes Lake Michigan water and treated drinking water for regulated and non-regulated contaminants, including pharmaceuticals. These compounds are present in the lake water but none have been found in treated drinking water.

Properly dispose of unused medicines and waste chemicals to prevent Lake Michigan pollution:
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Dispose of household hazardous waste

Visit the MMSD website for information about Household Hazardous Waste Collection.

Dispose of unused medicines

Visit the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) website for information about unused Medicine Collection.

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Me2 - Milwaukee Energy Efficiency

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Use Water Wisely

Stop Wasting Water and Control Your Water Costs. Learn how to use Water Wisely.

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