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Food Safety for Businesses

Food businesses in The City of Milwaukee are inspected by the Consumer Environmental Health Department for violations and unsafe practices. The City of Milwaukee adopts in the City of Milwaukee Code of Ordinances Chapter 68 (Food License Regulations) the Wisconsin Food Code which is based on the  2009 FDA Model Food Code. The FDA Model Food Code contains helpful Annexes that are not in the Wisconsin Food Code such as "Public Health Reasons". The FDA also has the 2009 Model Food Code in Spanish.

Each person who is licensed to operate a food service operation shall employ, or shall personally be a person who holds a valid, current certificate of food protection practices issued by the Wisconsin department of health and social services under s. 254.71, Wis. Stats. Click here for Food Manager Certification Requirements

Shellfish Safety Page

CONDUCT A SELF INSPECTION. Use the self-inspection checklists here to conduct your own inspection of your establishment. Download City of Milwaukee Self-Inspection Checklists:
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Food Safety Videos

These videos were produced by another state and used with permission. Please note the following requirements in the Wisconsin Food Code that differ from the information in the videos:

  • Fish, pork and ham are to be cooked to 145°F for 15 seconds.
  • The minimum food hot holding temperature and top level of the danger zone is 135°F.
  • Bare hand contact with ready to eat foods is prohibited.

Handwash Sign (click on image for PDF)

Food Safety Signs (In English and Spanish):

Fact Sheets:

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Consumer Environmental Health Information

Bed and Breakfast Establishments

Requirements for bed and breakfast establishments.

Convenience Store Security

Requirements of the City of Milwaukee's Convenience Store Security Ordinance.

Farmers' Markets

Information on the sale of food for farmers' market vendors.

Food Inspection Reports

Food establishment inspections, information about our inspection program and explanations of the reports.

Food Safety for Businesses

Signs, fact sheets and links to state and local food codes.

Food Safety for Individuals

Information for individuals and businesses on how to safely handle and cook food.

Mobile Food Establishments

Sanitation requirements for mobile food vendors (food carts/ trucks).

Opening a Food Business

Information about opening a food business in Milwaukee.

Tattoos & Body Piercing

Information for tattoo parlors and piercing shops along with health information for those who are considering or who have just recently gotten tattoos/piercings.

Temporary Events

Sanitation requirements for temporary food vendors at events in Milwaukee.

Weights and Measures

Inspections of weighing or measuring devices operating in the City of Milwaukee.