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Call 414-286-5722 for information and shipping & handling charges. Reduced prices are available to owners of historically-designated properties in the city.
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday

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Preservation Guidebooks and Regulations

All of our materials been scanned or are digitally native and are available for free download at the links below. Reduced prices are available for owners of designated properties.

Living with History: A Guide to the Preservation Standards for Historically Designated Houses in Milwaukee (10 MB)

116 pp. (illustrated with line drawings, perfect bound, 11” x 8 ½”), $10

As Good As New: A Guide for Rehabilitating the Exterior of Your Older House (54 MB PDF)

258 pp. (illustrated with photographs, perfect bound or comb-bound, 11” x 8½”) $15


Good for Business: A Guide to Rehabilitating the Exteriors of Older Commercial Buildings 

Signage Chapter Only, 4 MB

130 pp. (illustrated with photographs, perfect bound or comb-bound, 11” x 8 ½”) $15

Research Reports and Planning Studies

Built in Milwaukee:
An Architectural View of the City

(137MB PDF or HathiTrust.)

218 pp. Illustrated with maps and photographs.

Out of print.

Booklets: Ethnic Architecture Series - The rich heritage of immigrant architecture.

(These booklets are staple bound and measure 4” x 8 ¼”) $2.00 each by mail. Free for pickup.

Walking / Driving Tour Brochures (no charge)

All are available for online viewing.

Survey Project Reports

These are studies done specifically for Historic Preservation purposes.

All are available for viewing online. Print copies can be viewed at the Municipal Resarch Library in the City Hall Complex. Some may be available at the Milwaukee Public Library.

Project Name Pages PDF

Bay View. 1990.
Oklahoma to Becher; Kinnickinnic to Lake Michigan

571 Part 1 (10MB)
Part 2 (15MB)

Citywide Comprehensive. 1979 (published 1982)
Approximately 6700 properties of all types
See also Built in Milwaukee above.

83 PDF (16MB)

City of Steeples. 1996.
Citywide, religious structures. Updated in 2023 with index and higher quality original photos.

99 PDF

Downtown / Central Business District. 1986.
Florida to McKinley/Ogden; I-43 to Lake Michigan; includes Third Ward

953 PDF (40MB)
Industrial Milwaukee. 2016. 182 PDF (11MB)
King Drive (North Third Street Area Historic Preservation Study. 1983.)
Brewers Hill and King Drive: McKinley to North Avenue; Water Street/ Humboldt to 6th Street; 1st and 2nd Streets from North to Center
132 --
King Drive (North Third Street Area Intensive Historic Structures Survey, Final Report. 1983.)
Brewers Hill and King Drive: McKinley to North Avenue; Water Street/ Humboldt to 6th Street; 1st and 2nd Streets from North to Center
  PDF (7MB)

Lower East Side. 1988.
Lyon to Bradford; Milwaukee River to Lake Bluff or Summit, excluding North Point South

626 PDF (24MB)

Milwaukee Historic Ethnic Architecture Resources Study. 1994.
Citywide, primarily German and Polish

253 PDF (27 MB)
Milwaukee Houses of Worship, 1920-1980. 2023.
Citywide, all purpose-built, single-use worship structures
147 PDF (14MB)
Milwaukee Public Schools: An Architectural and Historical Survey Report. 2019. 153 PDF (26MB)

Near South Side. 1987.
Greenfield to Virginia; I-43 to Layton Boulevard.

574 PDF

Railroad Bridges of Milwaukee County. 2023

55 PDF

Sherman Park. 2012.
Mostly N. 46th Street from North to Chambers, portions of N. 41st to N. 49th in same area. 

63 PDF

West Side. 1983
Wisconsin Avenue to McKinley Boulevard/Avenue & I-43 to Miller Valley

463 PDF (18MB)
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