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Milwaukee War Memorials and Monuments

Close-up view of the General Thaddeus Kosciuszko Memorial statue.

Our city has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the number of monuments and memorials contained within its boundaries, and many of these sites are given over to remembering the wars of our nation's past, and the people who fought in them.  While some are high profile and recognized by most Milwaukeeans, many have slipped out of notice, even to those who live nearby.  This site endeavors to catalog all of these monuments and memorials, as a reference and a way to bring attention to the more neglected places on the list.

Do you have more information on one of our memorials or a new one to add? Contact us at [email protected].


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This map displays all war memorial sites we are currently aware of in the City of Milwaukee.  Please note that not all of them have their own informational web pages as of yet (below).  Work to add pictures and information for all sites is on-going.


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WW1 flagpole detail - striding Athena figure as "victory in battle"
Detail image of a top section of Rufus King Home plaque.    

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Memorial Name

Civil War






Department of Wisconsin American Legion Birthplace   X        
Abraham Lincoln Statue X          
World War I Flagpole
(Juneau Park)
Red Arrow Park Memorial   X X     1961 Berlin Crisis
General Douglas MacArthur Statue     X      
Brigadier General Rufus King's House Marker X          
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