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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Inspector General’s (IG) mission?

The IG is an independent, nonpartisan oversight personage with a mission is to promote economy, effectiveness, efficiency, and integrity in the administration of programs and operation of City

How does the IG achieve its mission?

The IG achieves its mission through:

  • Administrative and criminal investigations.
  • Audits of City programs and operations.
  • Reviews of City programs, operations, policies and procedures, internal controls and processes.

Deriving out of these activities, the IG issues reports of findings and recommendations that ensure City officials, employees, and vendors are held accountable for the provision of efficient, cost-effective,
government operations. The IG further seeks to prevent, detect, identify, expose, and eliminate waste, inefficiency, misconduct, fraud, corruption, waste, and abuse of public authority and resources.

What is the IG's jurisdiction?

The IG has oversight of all City employees, elected officials (the Mayor, Alderpersons, City Clerk, and the City Treasurer), appointed officials, and contractors and vendors who provide goods and services to the City. The IG also has jurisdiction over any agency pursuant to an intergovernmental agreement authorized by the City Council.

What makes the IG different from other City officials and departments?

The IG operates separate and disjointedly from the rest of City government. The IG provides leadership and guidance under the direction of the Common Council President, the Chair of the Public Safety and Health Committee, and the City Clerk, to:

  • Receive and investigate complaints or allegations of wrongdoing or misconduct by employees or contractors that involve allegations of fraud, waste or abuse within City of Milwaukee programsor operations.
  • Audit or review City programs and operations to identify inefficiency, waste and potential for misconduct, and report findings and recommendations publicly before the appropriate committee.
  • Issue subpoenas for testimony or documents relevant to an investigation, audit or review.

What does the Inspector General do?

The IG conducts independent, objective audits, reviews, analyses and evaluations of City programs and operations, issues public reports of findings, and makes recommendations to strengthen and improve the delivery of City services. The work of IG serves as a resource for the City Council, policymakers, civic and advocacy organizations, journalists, and the general public.

Is the Inspector General appointed?

The Inspector General (IG) undergoes the City of Milwaukee’s normal hiring process and is selected from a list of qualified candidates invited to participate in an interview and subject to the approval of the City Council.

How is the Inspector General held accountable?

The IG is held accountable by subjecting its work to public and City Council scrutiny by publishing its work to the extent allowed by law and by subjecting itself to a periodic external peer review by a national oversight association which independently audits and publicly certifies the IG’s actions, policies, and practices.

Are investigations by the IG confidential?

By law, the IG investigatory files and reports are confidential and shall not be divulged except to law enforcement entities or appropriate officials in the context of cases where it has found violations of
regulations, policy or law warranting disciplinary action.

Are City departments required to respond to IG’s disciplinary recommendations?

City departments are generally required to respond to IG disciplinary recommendations through a management response letter, which is included as part of the audit report. In the response, management
is required to provide a response to how the finding will be remediated, implementation date and the individual responsible for implementation.

Which City employees have a duty to cooperate with the IG?

All City officials, employees, departments, agencies, contractors, subcontractors, licensees, and applicants for certifications must cooperate with the IG in any investigation or review.

Are City employees responsible for reporting the wrongdoing of other City workers?

The law requires EVERY City employee to report wrongdoing of which they are aware to the IG. Failure to report wrongdoing may be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including discharge.

Common Council City Clerk

Office of the Inspector General

 City Hall
200 E. Wells Street
Room 205
Milwaukee, WI 53202 

 Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:45 PM


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