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Lobbying Registration & Resources

Lobbyist Registration

Annual registration is required of persons who attempt to influence legislative or administrative action by oral or written communication with any city official; however, certain exceptions to registration have been established. 

Each registration for a person to engage in lobbying is $125 per lobbyist per principal, regardless of the number of principals registered by the same person in a calendar year.


Lobbyist Reporting Tools


Principal Expense Statements

Unless otherwise exempt, every principal is required to file with the License Division an expense statement covering the preceding reporting period.  

Each principal is only required to file one (1) expense statement for the reporting period, which shall include all lobbying expenditures made for any and all lobbyists registered to lobby on behalf of the principal during that reporting period. 

A principal expense statement must be filed regardless of whether lobbying expenditures of less than $500 were made in the preceding reporting period.  

However, if a principal has made lobbying expenditures of $500 or more within a reporting period, then the principal is required to include with the Principal Expense Statement a Lobbyist Activity Disclosure disclosing the time and resources spent on each attempt to influence legislative or administrative action in each subject area.


Additional Resources

*City officials required to file statements of economic interests in accordance with ch. 303, MCO, are identified by position in the Positions Ordinance document with a "(Y)" after the position title.  Members of Boards, Committees and Commissions required to file statements of economic interests are identified in Section 7.

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