Concept 1

This concept removes the existing southbound (on) ramp and reconstructs it next to the northbound (off) ramp to create a more traditional intersection at Lisbon Avenue.  The northbound ramp remains where it is.  North 47th Street connects to Lisbon Avenue instead of being a dead-end street, although it is also possible for this street to remain a dead-end.  In this concept, the land where the vacant building currently is would be available for other uses, whether that's open space, public art, or development.


Concept 2

This concept moves both the northbound and southbound ramp so that they are next to each other.  Similar to Concept 1, this concept also makes a more traditional intersection, except in this concept, the freeway and Lisbon Avenue would meet at right angles.  The off-ramp would no longer connect to North 46th Street.  There would also be some land available, but less than in Concept 1.


Concept 3

In this concept, the freeway starts and ends at Lloyd Street instead of Lisbon Avenue.  Northbound freeway traffic would use 46th Street to connect to Lisbon Avenue by using the existing Lloyd Street off-ramp.  Southbound traffic from Lisbon Avenue would use 47th Street to enter the freeway by using the existing on-ramp south of Lloyd Street.  The land North of Lloyd Street, in between North 46th Street and North 47th Street, would be filled in.


Concept 4

In this concept, the freeway ends at Lloyd Street instead of Lisbon Avenue.  The freeway would be raised to street level at Lloyd Street, and the Lloyd Street interchange would become an at-grade intersection.  The southbound on-ramp would be removed, and North 46th Street would be reconstructed as a two-way boulevard between Lloyd Street and Lisbon Avenue.



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