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Retail Buildings

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this page is a work in progress and should be viewed strictly as informative.


Types of Retail Building Development

  1. Retail Centers with Large Format Anchor
  2. Large Format Stores
  3. Medium Format Stores


Urban Design Principles

While sensitive to developer requirements for parking, store layout and visibility, the City has developed a series of principles for store design that meet our objectives in urban planning and sustainability.  These principles are not meant as a prescriptive code, but as a negotiating device that can be used to create a win-win development on each specific site.



Smaller out-lot buildings are placed along the permimeter of the large parking lot to creat building street frontage rather than parking spaces. (click for larger image)
Example of an outbuilding.
Outbuilding is placed at the corner of a parking lot site in order to hold the urban street corner.



Click HERE for more examples
Pedestrian path connects public sidewalk to the front entrance of retail store.

Pedestrian access paths must use
non-asphalt materials to distinguish from the rest of the parking lot.



Good use of high quality brick materials on entire facade.
Upper glazing allows for natural light to enter interiors of building as well as make an attractive facade.
Vertical piers help break down large blank wall facades into more eye-pleasing appearances.


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Landscaping Requirements


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