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Final Offer Listings: Commercial Real Estate                                                  

The Department of City Development (DCD) will review proposals for soon-to-be demolished properties in the City of Milwaukee. In collaboration with the Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS), we aim to give "new life" to these properties while offering additional commercial opportunities.

Interested? Select a commercial property on the map below for information.


"Rescuing properties one at a time!"


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Final Offer Listing: Commercial


Aldermanic District  Address  Type
1 4278 North Teutonia Avenue Office Building
6 2543-47 North M. L. King, Jr. Drive Commercial/Residential
7 3161 North 31st Street Warehouse
7 3801-03 West Hampton Avenue Tavern
15 2651-53 North 30th Street Warehouse
15 2606-08 West Fond Du Lac Avenue Church
15 2432 West Garfield Avenue Commercial/Residential
15 2924 West Lisbon Avenue Warehouse
15 2928 West Lisbon Avenue Commercial/Residential
15 3608 West North Avenue Commercial/Residential


Steps to Secure a Purchase:

  • Choose a property from the demo property map.
  • The Department of City Development (DCD) does not have a scope of work on any of its commercial properties. The interested Buyer shall be responsible for obtaining its own detailed scope of work to renovate the building into code compliance and to renovate the building to meet the intended end use of the commercial and/or residential space(s). Contact David Dorsey at 414-286-5645 to schedule a site visit to determine the feasibility of the purchase and renovation. The Buyer and its contractors must sign a hold-harmless indemnification document before entering the property and building. 
  • Complete and return the City of Milwaukee Proposal Summary and Public Disclosure Statement. Submit a copy of a government-issued picture ID for each signing Buyer and provide a list of properties located within the City of Milwaukee that each entity of the Buyer group has an ownership or a vested interest in.
  • If you are a Limited Liability Company (LLC), please provide Articles of Organization. If you are a corporation, please provide Articles of Incorporation. You must be registered with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions and submit a printout.  Provide a list of all other LLCs and/or corporations that each Buyer is part of. 
  • A buyer background check will be performed on all Buyers in accordance with MCO 304-49-9 and will be part of the qualifying criteria in considering the Buyer’s interest in the property. 
  • Provide evidence of financing for the purchase price and renovation of the property (see Proposal Summary and Public Disclosure Statement). 
  • The asking price for each property will be $500 plus all other closing costs. 
  • Other costs will include a $7,500 Restoration Agreement plus any other DNS Fees.
  • Closing is contingent upon:
    • DCD approving the preliminary and scaled site plan, including landscaping- in accordance with MCO 295-405, if applicable, and elevations that are scaled identifying all exterior materials.
    • Buyer providing DCD with proof of financing to complete the renovation within 18 months of closing.
    • Buyer passing the Buyer Background Check (see below).
    • DCD reviewing the proposed uses.
    • DCD and Buyer seeking Common Council approval for the sale and end-use development.
    • Any required Board of Zoning Appeals (BOZA) approvals will be obtained before Common Council action. Conveyance will be on an "as is, where is" basis and subject to deed restrictions prohibiting application for property tax exemption, requiring performance and specifying use restrictions.
  • Certificates of Occupancy will be used to demonstrate performance. Permits are required for most work items.
  • The City of Milwaukee will not pay any Broker commission.
  • The City has the discretion to select offers deemed most likely to complete the work in a timely manner. The City will evaluate the proposed uses. 
  • DCD reserves the right to request additional information and/or seek additional approvals, and/or impose additional conditions based on the specific property and its uses.  
  • The City of Milwaukee Department of City Development and Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee reserve the right to reject any proposal for any reason, including no reason.

General Buyer Policies

Proposal Summary and Public Disclosure Statement from any party (as an individual or as part of an entity) will be rejected if:

  • Is delinquent in paying any property tax, special assessment, special charge, or special tax to the City of Milwaukee.
  • Has outstanding judgments from the City or if the City acquired property tax-foreclosure judgment.
  • Has outstanding health or building code violations or orders from the City’s Health Department or Department of Neighborhood Services that are not actively being abated.
  • Has been convicted of violating an order of the Health Department or Department of Neighborhood Services within the past year.
  • Owned property in the city that, at any time within the past 5 years, the city acquired through property-tax foreclosure. This applies to any ownership group or LLC of which any prospective buyer has been a member.

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