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Final Offer Listings                                                  

The Department of City Development (DCD) will review proposals for soon-to-be demolished properties in the City of Milwaukee. In collaboration with the Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS), we aim to give "new life" to these properties while offering additional housing options or commercial opportunities.

Interested? Select a demo property on the map below for information. Stay up-to-date with the City's residential and commercial properties for sale, among other resources and initiatives, by signing up for E-Notify.


Rescuing properties one at a time!



About Final Offer Listings

  • The City of Milwaukee will sell Commercial and Residential properties that are on the demolition list.  These properties are severely distressed. 
  • The purchase cost for each property will be $500 plus all other closing expenses. 
    • Other costs can include:
      • $7,500 Restoration Agreement, plus any other DNS Fees.
      • Other fees may include water and taxes.
  • There will be no bulk buyers. Buyers can purchase one property. 
    • If they are looking to purchase another, they must show proof that they are finished with the first purchased property. 
  • Buyers must have at least 5 years of housing rehab experience and provide us with a letter and before and after pictures of the rehabbed homes, along with a landlord certificate obtained from the City of Milwaukee’s landlord training program. The certificate cannot be over 3 years old.  
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement will be tailored to the project. 
  • There will be no City financing available for this program and we will not accept non-profits to use the program. 
  • Historic properties will not qualify for this program.
  • Certificates of Occupancy will be used to demonstrate performance. 



The City of Milwaukee is attempting to revitalize properties that have been set aside for demolition but not delay the process of removing these properties from our neighborhoods.
This list is constantly changing because of our goal to rebuild and rescue these properties.
If a property you select cannot be purchased, staff will assist you in identifying an alternative property.


Click on the map for property information!

What type of property are you interested in?



Steps to Secure a Purchase:

  • Choose one vacant property from the demo property map.
  • Review the scope of work for the property. The scope of work is divided into two sections. The first section is Essential Repairs, which are required repairs for which Proof of Funds must be provided. The second section is the additional work that is needed to complete code compliance issues, and that doesn't require providing proof of funds. 
  • Contact David Dorsey at 414-286-5645 to schedule a site visit to determine the feasibility of the purchase and rehab.
  • The City of Milwaukee will not pay Broker commission.
  • City buyer check and buyer performance history will be part of the offer evaluation. 
  • This is not a non-profit organization program.
    • Investor buyers must complete landlord training and provide proof to DCD before closing.

General Buyer Policies

Purchase and Sale Agreements will be rejected from any party (as an individual or as part of an entity) if:

  • Is delinquent in paying any property tax, special assessment, special charge, or special tax to the City of Milwaukee.
  • Has outstanding judgments from the City or if the City acquired property tax-foreclosure judgment.
  • Has outstanding health or building code violations or orders from the City’s Health Department or Department of Neighborhood Services that are not actively being abated.
  • Has been convicted of violating an order of the Health Department or Department of Neighborhood Services within the past year.
  • Owned property in the city that, at any time within the past 5 years, the city acquired through property-tax foreclosure. This applies to any ownership group or LLC of which any prospective buyer has been a member.

PLEASE NOTE: Historic Houses do not qualify.

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