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Development Sites: Commercial, Industrial or Residential

Listings will specify a due date or continuous submittal option.

Development sites owned by the City, Redevelopment Authority or MPS are available for commercial and industrial developments that contribute business and retail services to our commercial districts or increase employment in our industrial corridors. Select residential tracts or unique infill lots are also available to expand housing opportunities. Sites listed below are available for quality developments that meet the specified use requirements and City design guidelines, are financially viable and ready for immediate construction and expand our tax base.




 Photo of 541 North 20th Street

541 North 20th Street
Commercial Property Listing
Marquette University Neighborhood

9,900 $ 30,000


 Photo of 1697 North Marshall Street

1697 North Marshall Street
Historic Brady Street
Commercial Development Opportunity

Proposals will be accepted starting Monday, November 12, 2018. RFP will remain open and proposals will be evaluated on a first-come basis. RFP will remain open until the site is under a developer agreement between the City of Milwaukee and the Developer. 

3,480 $105,000


 Photo of 6280 South 13th Street

6280 South 13th Street
Commercial/Restaurant Opportunity
Airport Gateway District

23,000 $250,000




Released June 22, 2016

Premiere Transit-Oriented Development Opportunity

on a Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee-owned parcel in the heart of Downtown Milwaukee

View RFP and more info at


General Information

  • Offers may be sumitted through licensed commercial brokers.  The listing will specify the commission amount to be paid at closing if the initial submittal is through a licensed broker.  No commissions are paid to related broker/buyers.
  • Submissions must include preliminary architectural plans satisfactory to DCD's Design Review Team.
  • Buyers must not violate Buyer Policies (see below) at offer submission or closing.
  • Sales subject to approval by the Common Council and other bodies as identified in the listing.  Required BOZA approvals will be obtained before Common Council action and zoning changes will be considered concurrently with sale approval.
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement will be tailored to the project and will include reversion of title provisions for nonperformance (City sample available; slight variations for RACM or MPS).
  • Best efforts must be made for use of City-certified Small Business Enterprises (SBE) for 25% of hard costs and 18% of professional services.
  • All project elements must be in place before closing:  approved final construction plans, firm financing and equity, building permits and SBE Agreement.
  • Conveyance is by quit claim deed subject to restrictive covenants for performance and use and prohibition on tax-exempt status.
  • Sites are sold on an "as is, where is" basis.  Development sites may contain old foundations and debris and are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

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Development Sites:  Commercial, Industrial or Residential
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